Nigerian Man Buries His Father In A Brand New BMW!

Posted On : June 12, 2018

It’s an uncomfortable to think about when we will die.

But for most of us, we hope that our funeral will bring together all we love and be a fitting farewell.

But for one Nigerian man he wanted to make sure his father was laid to rest in style.

He decided the best way to do that was to bury him in a brand new BMW.

It Has Shocked The Community

The man identified simply as Azubuike, shocked residents of Ihiala local government area, Mbosi in Anambra state. Azubuike’s father loved cars so the grieving son felt burying him in a brand new BMW would be best. 

A photo of deceased being buried six feet under in the vehicle went viral on Facebook.

It could be also be seen that several people were gathered around to witness the shocking incident. 

However, many on Facebook were angered at the waste of money and said it could have been put to better use.

Sifiso Inno Makhashila said: ‘Buy the car for your parent while he is still alive if you are moneyed and bury them with a decent coffin but this is just being foolish and showing off.’