Nigerian Woman Flies To The US To Give Birth To Beautiful Quadruplets

Posted On : July 5, 2018

Welcome to the world Mercy Grace Dotuchowo, Adriel Wohuowo, Amaris Owopoha and Zephania Ohoyenta!

The three girls and one boy were birthed by a truly strong woman. Linda Agi, who is originally from Nigeria, saved up with her husband to fly to Texas so she could give birth safely.

Agi made the trip to America on the advice of her doctor. Unfortunately, there was not the same level of care available for her in Nigeria as in the States.

Also as she is over 40, and having four children all at once may encounter complications that the hospital were not equipped to handle. Agi and her husband Thomas saved up for flights and medical bills and made the trip overseas.

The couple then went to stay with Thomas’ sister in Houston. A truly beautiful photograph of the babies at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital has now gone viral. 

The bundles of joys were born June 1, with two weighing less than three pounds. The two others weighed a tiny four pounds. But with the expertise care of the medical team at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, the babies are now thriving.

They were ready to leave hospital on Independence Day, as the kind hearted nurses dressed them for the occasion –  the quadruplets proudly wore stars and stripes.

They Saved Up For The Flight

The quadruplets fought for their lives in the Level III NICU before they were able to finally leave the hospital.

Their proud father flew with his wife to America but then returned home to work.

Linda suffered from anemia during the final stages of her pregnancy. The soon to be mom-of-four says she was frightened and was grateful for her OBGYN Dr. Rachna Bhala.

‘I had a rough time, but thank god for Dr Bhala, who wasn’t scared for even a moment,’ she told the Daily  

They Have Financial Problems


The couple are doing everything they can to provide a happy future for their children. But sadly, the new parents are falling heavily into debt.

Facebook post shared by Linda’s niece revealed the couple have sold their car and apartment so they can pay their medical bills.

Mary Ogbeh says she is unsure about how her aunt and uncle will provide for their children.

‘[Linda] can’t fly back to Nigeria with the quads until they are about two months old,’ she wrote. ‘She has been besides herself, looking for how she would care for them in that period of time.’

GoFundMe has been set up for the quadruplets to help the couple with their necessities.