North Carolina Woman Who Ran Over Her Baby Daddy’s Sidechick Now Charged With Attempted Murder

Posted On : January 14, 2018

In an effort to keep another woman away from her “baby daddy,” 19-year-old Shadasia Ellison of Wilmington, North Carolina mowed his side chick down with her car on the afternoon of Monday, Jan. 8. The video of the incident was live streamed on Facebook by an onlooker. Ellison is now in police custody at the New Hanover Detention Center on a $1 million bail.

Ellison followed up the incident with a broadcast of her own. She recorded a message on Snapchat warning other women who want to have sex with her child’s father that they batter be “car repellent” if she catches up with them.

“The next b*tch that’s thinking about f*cking with my baby daddy, b*tch you better be car repellent, because if I see your a**, I’ma vroom,” Ellison said while laughing in the video.

Apparently Ellison had gotten word that Tameka Copper was in an intimate relationship with the father of her child. She spotted her walking on Willard Street and deliberately drove her car over the curb and slammed it into Copper pinning her in between the car and the building. Copper was said to suffer a minor leg injury, but that didn’t stop her from springing to her feet while Ellison backed up and chasing the car down the street.

The video of the incident went viral which led local authorities to investigate. Ellison has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, hit and run with injury, and reckless driving. The woman also reportedly had a child in the car with her when she ran down Copper and faces a charge of child abuse.

Ellison has been on probation for a larceny conviction from May 2017 in New Hanover County. This incident led to a probation violation and is the primary reason for her arrest. But her legal troubles don’t end there. Ellison reportedly has pending criminal charges against her in five counties. She has been charged with speeding, marijuana possession, and misdemeanor larceny. Ellison surrendered to authorities on Wednesday and will likely remain in custody until she goes to trial.