Now That Nas Is Better Off Financially, Kelis Wants Him To Increase His Child Support Payments

Posted On : February 9, 2018

Ever since their split, Kelis and Nas have been engaged in a tug-of-war over custody and visitation of the son they share. Now that the two have finally come to an agreement, Kelis has gone back to the courts requesting an increase in financial support for him. She say that Nas can afford to pay more, therefore he should.

Currently, the “Illmatic” rapper provides $8,000 a month to support their son Knight. The support agreement has been in place since the boy was three years old. Now Knight is eight and his mother insists that his expenses have increased. TMZ reported that court documents cite Nas’ improved financial position as part of the reason for the requested increase.

Knight reportedly has different needs now than he did when he was a toddler. Kelis wants at least 50 percent of the costs related to his education, child care expenses, and medical bills not covered by insurance. Court documents do not specify a dollar amount, but the judge will be left to rule on the motion.

In spite of the new support issue, the couple appears to be playing nice for the sake of their son. Nas has been allowed visitation with Knight fo four weekends over a three-month period spanning from January through March. Each weekend will start on Fridays after school and end on Sunday evenings. In the event that there is a three-day weekend off from school, Knight will remain with his father until Monday Knight.

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Nas and Kelis were married for five years until they split for good in 2010. His spousal support combined with his child support ran into the tens of thousands every month. But Nas said in an interview that he loved Kelis and that the money wasn’t a big deal to him. He called her “an amazing woman.” But in recent times, Nas called her hostile and accused Kelis of restricting his time with their son to occasions that were convenient for her.

Hopefully Nas and Kelis will come to an agreement on the child support matter and that it won’t interfere with the visitation agreement that they now have in place. If everybody puts Knight’s interests first, things should all fall into place.