Off-Duty Officer Attempts To Break Into Ex-Boyfriend’s Home

Posted On : November 11, 2017

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — She just met him a few months ago and is already in jail regarding their relationship. Some people just aren’t supposed to be together.

First Off: It’s totally amazing that they arrested and charged this particular officer, but none of the Baltimore officers involved in Freddie Grey’s death have been charged or convicted. Just putting that out there.

As reports WBAL-11 News, Officer Latisaha Adams — a Baltimore City police officer — attempted to break into her ex-boyfriend’s home on October 29.

Now, she’s in jail after being arrested on Thursday, November 9. According to the source, Adam’s facing charges of fourth-degree attempted burglary and malicious destruction of property.


According to the source, Latisaha Adams arrived at the ex-boyfriend’s place and began banging on his condo door. The man’s neighbor, William Foster, said she was knocking incredibly loud.

The neighbor mentioned as follows.

“It was so loud, I couldn’t fathom it was coming from our own building.”

Police reports state that the ex-boyfriend wasn’t even home at the time. However, he happened to pull up while she was still in the act of beating down the door.

He arrived with a female friend in the car.


After seeing her at the door, he told his friend to pull around back, hoping their wouldn’t be any trouble.

WBAL-11 says he snuck inside and peaked out his window. He could clearly see Adams kicking his door.

That’s when the ex-boyfriend allegedly ran out of his home to a fourth-floor condo and called 911.

Reporting docs say he told police as follows.

“[I’m] very fearful of what Ms. Adams would do if she gained entry to [my] residence, due to the fact that [I know] she is a Baltimore City police officer and has access to a gun.”

So, since she couldn’t get into the house, the off-duty officer and ex-girlfriend began hitting the man’s car. The neighbor mentions as follow.

“She kicked the window and went around the other side and pounded on the other window. She didn’t break it. I think she tried to trigger the alarm to go off.”


The source says there was damage to the car, estimated at more than $1,000. As notes police reports, Adams showed up unannounced and even talked with the neighbor briefly. He says she was extra calm.

The neighbor says it looked as if she was having car trouble and trying to get ahold of her ex-boyfriend so she could simply “use the bathroom.”

Yet, all in all, WBAL-11 reporter David Collins mentions that the woman has been jailed without bond.

Likewise, apparently, this isn’t her first time on the opposite side of the law as an officer.

The source says that, in 2013, she actually roughed up a woman who recorded cellphone video of her. The city ended up settling the lawsuit for $80,000.

Well, all in all, what are your thoughts about this incident? This goes to show, relationships can make you act crazy — regardless of occupation. Looks like she needed the services of “Olivia Pope.”

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