One Woman’s Craigslist Hustle To Scam Men For Christmas Sparks Outrage On Social Media

Posted On : December 20, 2016

Have you heard about the latest scam that’s made on woman very rich this Christmas? Well if you’re a guy, you should definitely read closely because you could receive a big announcement that isn’t exactly as it seems. Apparently, women are buying positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist for $25 each – $35 for two – and you’ll be shocked to know just how many women have invested in duping their man, reports Huffington Post.

The Money Making Machine:


The un-named woman – who is six months pregnant – reportedly makes more than $200.00 selling positive pregnancy tests. In the jaw-dropping post, the woman offers to sell positive pregnancy tests or urine” in an “absolutely no questions asked type of deal,” reports UPI.

“Whether you are using it for your own amusement such as a prank, or to blackmail the ceo of where ever who you are having an affair with I DONT CARE AT ALL this is an absolutely no questions asked type of deal tell me what you need I provide it for monetary exchange. I will not overcharge for the urine test but I will not be low balled either do not contact me if you are going to be cheap and difficult,” the post reads.

Check out the jaw-dropping Craigslist post:


Since the post was placed on Craigslist, this woman has had women placing orders from all around the country. The post has gone viral on social media and it has also caught the attention of news outlets everywhere.


The unidentified Florida woman has also been interviewed by WJAX-TV of Jacksonville, FL. She explained why she’s selling her pregnancy. The idea, which she considers to be a “no brainer,” is actually a way to defray the cost of college.

Social Media Outrage:

Of course, the latest scam has sparked outrage on social media and men aren’t the only people feeling some kind of way. While some people find the pregnancy tests funny, others aren’t seeing the humor in it at all. In fact, many social media users have bashed the women purchasing while others have pondered the many reasons a woman would want to lie about a pregnancy.

Most people have come to the same conclusion: Attention and money are the top two speculative reasons. Either these women are hoping their man is really attentive this Christmas, showering them with love, money, and everything else under the son, or they’ll “agree” to get an abortion and scam their man out of money to have the procedure done. But, regardless of the reason for the $30 fake pregnancy test, many people believe the woman selling them must be stopped.

Broken Laws?:

While many people argue the woman’s sales should be categorized as fraud, technically she hasn’t broken any laws. The pregnancy tests are, indeed, authentic since she’s reportedly six months pregnant. However, the problem centers around who the urine actually belongs to. Unfortunately, most men will have no way of knowing the difference.

So, fellas be careful this holiday season. If your girl is pregnant, you may want to double check a couple times. Even triple-checking may be sufficient to ensure you aren’t getting duped.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!