Pastor Impregnates Church Member — Tells Her To Abort Child Or God Will Kill Her

Posted On : August 21, 2018

TORONTO, CANADA — It seems that pastors don’t mind doing the dirt until it’s time to take a bath. Then, these types of “men of God” use religion as a scare tactic. Not today!

According to Vice, Toronto Pastor Martin Kofi Danso has been making bread in someone else’s oven — if you understand. The source mentions that a member of his church came to him with an “I’m pregnant” secret.

Apparently, Danso didn’t take it well at all and told her that — if she were to have this child — God would “strike her down.”

The source states Danso, pastor of Miracle Arena For All Nations church, actually filed a lawsuit in July against the woman — Chris-Ann Bartley — after she claimed he was her baby’s dad.

NOTE: Reportedly, Danso is an author, gospel artist, life coach, a worshipper, and businessman; he also has TV and radio programs broadcasting across Canada, as mentions the source.

Danso claims he never had sex with Bartley. Ever. With this in mind, he requested a paternity test.

According to him, Bartley was up to no good, and it was all a scheme to get money via child support. Danso was adamant her child was by another man and couldn’t possibly be his.

Nevertheless, regarding the scandal, he requested a publicity ban from the court, so the information wouldn’t go public and damage his reputation.

The judge agreed — stating that, if Danso’s evidence proved he was never intimate with the woman — the reputation damage and losses wouldn’t be his fault and would be an “unfair and devastating injustice.”


According to the source, Danso took the requested paternity test, and it turns out the child has a 99.999996 percent chance of being his. Reportedly, the child is now six months old.

After test results proved him to be the father, Danso changed up his story. Instead of having NO intimacy with Bartley, he switched his wording to being SEDUCED by Bartley.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Fred Myers wasn’t trying to hear that at all. He denied the ban.

Myers stated that Bartley provided evidence disputing Danso’s claim; likewise, her evidence proves they had a consensual affair from the fall of 2014 until May 2017.

As part of Bartley’s proof, she documented that Danso instructed her to abort her child when he found out she was pregnant. In his ruling, Myers mentioned as follows.

“Ms Bartley’s evidence is that when she approached Mr Danso to tell him that she was pregnant, he asked her to have an abortion. When she declined, she claims that he told her that ‘the Lord’ showed him ‘if I have the child, I would die.'”

If Danso knew the truth of the situation from the start, Myers wonders why he’d ever go through with the lawsuit in the first place. Vice reports as follows.

“It’s no surprise why Danso attempted to get a publication ban. By all accounts, it appears Danso’s gig as a prophet seems to be a lucrative one. The website for the church features a wide online shop selling CD sermons, hoodies, and something called prophetic anointing oil which costs $50 and Danso jets around the world for his sermons. I’m no expert here but doesn’t really seem that telling a woman you fathered a child with to abort it or god will strike her down are the actions a man of God would take.”

The source humorously mentions that, since Danso fancies himself a “prophet,” he should’ve seen how the end of his own situation would played out.

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