Did Phaedra Parks Lie About Divorcing Apollo Nida? Here’s The Truth

Posted On : December 6, 2016

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s highly publicized divorce proceedings have made headlines over and over again. The first time was when the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star reportedly filed for divorce shortly after Apollo went to prison and last week when he made headlines for his own divorce filing.

Although Phaedra claimed their divorce was final, Apollo turned heads when he filed. Most fans speculated Phaedra was up to her alleged old tricks, lying to cover whatever tracks she may have. Did Phaedra really lie about divorcing her estranged husband? Well, the high-powered attorney has news for fans.

Its Phaedra’s Way Or No Way:

According to Bossip, Phaedra Parks has made it clear she is divorced from Apollo Nida despite his claims. Apparently, Apollo actually made the divorce a bit easier. When Phaedra initially filed for divorce back in March, Apollo was served in prison, reports TMZ. But, instead of signing the divorce papers, Apollo asked the judge for more time. But after the request was granted, four months passed and he reportedly made no effort to respond. As a result, the judge ultimately ruled in Phaedra’s favor. So, things actually did go Phaedra’s way.

Apollo Up To No Good?:

It is unclear why Apollo chose to file divorce documents for a resolved issue. But many speculate the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is attempting to create his own storyline for the show since there are rumors about his new fiancee Sherien Almufti, making appearances on the show.

In fact, there are even rumors that Sherien may be joying the RHOA cast. Talk about drama! But, only time will tell how things pan out for Apollo. He may have a few years left to spend behind bars but his fiance could stir things up long before his release.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!