Potter’s House Pastor Allegedly Cheated On His Wife With His Goddaughter

Posted On : April 9, 2017


Shirnae McFarlane (left) is pictured above with her husband, Arthur McFarlane III. Joy Hill (right) has accused Shirnae of having an affair with her husband, Potter’s House Denver Pastor Chris Hill.

A Woman Scorned:

On September 26, 2014, Shirnae McFarlane married the love of her life, Arthur McFarlane III. Shirnae McFarlane is the Goddaughter of Potter’s House Denver Pastor Chris Hill and his lovely wife, Joy Hill. Not only is she their Goddaughter but she’s a church employee as well.

In fact, Pastor Hill had the honor of officiating his Goddaughter’s wedding as well as paying for it. His wife shared on Instagram how proud she was the day her Goddaughter Shirnae becoming a wife. In the photos below, everyone was all smiles, however, those smiles wouldn’t last long.


According to the Christian Post, First Lady Joy Hill was under the impression that her husband, Pastor Chris Hill was having an affair. To confirm her suspicion, she hired a private investigator to follow her husband for 6 weeks. The investigator discovered that Pastor Chris Hill was having an affair with his Goddaughter, Shirnae McFarlane. However, this is something that Joy Hill knew all along. In an effort to come clean, she sent a text message to members of their 7,000-member church in Colorado.


FYI Pastor called the police on me tonight because I yelled at him asking him to leave the house tonight and he wouldn’t. I was upset because he won’t stop having an affair with Shirnae, and I can’t live like this anymore. They’ve been having an affair for SEVERAL months, and he finally admitted it yesterday (after I hired a private investigator to have them followed over the past 6 weeks). So since he wouldn’t leave the house tonight. I threw his clothes in our DRY/EMPTY hot tub,” Joy Hill reportedly said in the text message first cited by the Obnoxious Television blog.
I’m DONE covering for him!!! DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called one of our deacons (officer Everette Moore) And he came over tonight too…4 cops in total were at our home. They concluded that no crime was committed. He’s painting me to be violent and irrational. I am neither. I am a wife who is devastated that her husband is cheating her…with her ‘DAUGHTER’!!” the text continued.
In an effort to get his house in order, Pastor Chris Hill has allegedly taken a month off from his duties at the church. Apparently, his married goddaughter and alleged lover was fired from her job at Potter’s House Denver. While her Facebook status has remained “married”, her husband, Arthur McFarlane III, changed his relationship status to “separated”.
While many people may scoff at the manner in which First Lady Joy Hill has chosen to deal with her marital problems, many people have praised her for her actions and have shared that they are praying for her. On her Instagram page, she shared that she will always do what is righteous in the eyes of God.