‘Power’ Star Omari Hardwick Wife Celebrates Marriage And Interracial Love

Posted On : June 13, 2018

Of course, the United States still has a ways to go when it comes to all levels of equality, but there are many aspects of life that have changed drastically over the past 40 years. One notable change centers on the evolution of interracial relationships. Back in the day, not only was interracial love frowned upon, it could actually get black people killed. But things are quite different now. Love comes in many different forms nowadays. In 2018, the emphasis on race and sexual orientation are nearly a thing of the past which is why Omari Hardwick’s Jennifer “Jae” Hardwick is celebrating love. Her now viral post has touched the hearts of social media users everywhere.

Loving Day:

For those who don’t know, yesterday June 12, was Loving Day – an annual celebratory day commemorating the historical ruling against United States anti-miscegenation laws banning interracial marriage, mainly forbidding marriage between whites and minorities. The landmark Supreme Court case involving Mildred, an African-American woman and Richard Loving, a white man, led to the life-altering movement. If you’ve never seen or heard about their story they are considered the epitome of what love stands for. No matter the obstacles they faced, they were determined to stay together. The couple met when they were 11 and 17-years old and only had eyes for each other. Not even the law could keep them apart. Their love story ultimately paved the way for interracial relationships.

Now, people like the Power star and his wife are reaping the benefits of their struggle. Although Loving Day is not a nationally recognized holiday in the United States, it’s a profound day for the Hardwicks. On Tuesday, June 11, Jennifer shared a happy photo of her and her man and captioned it, “Happy Loving Day from our family to your family! On this day in 1967, the Supreme Court, in the historic case of Loving v. Virginia, struck down all remaining laws and the United States banning interracial marriage. Love will always win.”

Jennifer’s latest Instagram post follows a string of posts including a few MCM posts featuring the one and only Omari. Back in February, Jennifer took to Instagram with another post about love and interracial relationships. With that post she wrote, “We all know that some have a problem with interracial marriages. I am obviously not one of them, however, I have found the one and only problem………………. ….it is impossible to find a filter to flatter you both at the same time.  Ps. Love be making you take unfiltered pictures in a parking garage between someone’s Chevy and someone’s mom-van ????! My #MCM every day.

All Summer ’18:

For those who don’t know, Omari Hardwick and his wife, Jennifer, have been married since 2002 and they have two beautiful children. Since Omari and Jennifer have been goin’ strong for so long you can probably guess what summer 18 will bring for them: more beautiful memories and lots of love. In fact, last week, Jennifer offered fans a glimpse of their life behind closed doors. She posted a photo of her and Omari enjoying a lil’ fun in the sun. With the photo of her man, she wrote, “Having someone’s heart is equal the brilliant gift as having yours had. There’s equal amount of responsibility that comes with the brilliance. I’ve observed that the best marriages aren’t between perfect people, but rather, two people who are passionately committed to always showing up, (even on the other’s less than perfect days) and doing the work that successful love and relationship take. Oh and laughing…you gotta laugh…a lot…at the stupidest of jokes that only the two of you would get. Yea…loving and laughing. His love is one of my greatest teachers and smile producers in this life.”

Check out the post:

Congratulations to Omari and Jennifer Hardwick.