Emotional! This Unbelievable Proposal Is THE Game Changer [Video]

Posted On : October 3, 2016

You thought you had seen the best of proposals before now. Nope!

#ForeverDuncan is a trending hashtag for a reason. And, it probably has every person with pending proposals nervous.

On October 2, the proposal bar was raised to an unprecedented level.

What a Day!

Alfred Duncan is the man’s name. According to Bella Naija, he’s a Grammy-nominated vocalist.

Well, he certainly vocalized his love for girlfriend Sherrell with this epic proposal.

But the part that made things amazing…

She didn’t know he was marrying her the same day!

Although she went through the protocol of getting spruced up, i.e., makeup, hair, outfit, etc., she had no idea what was actually in store for her.

Until She Arrived…

Once she pulled up to the venue, she saw family and friends lining the aisle. They were dressed in the finest wedding-day apparel.

Instantly, she broke down.

At the alter, she could hear love songs reverbing to the sidewalk, where she stood in complete awe.

The bride-to-be was undeniably overwhelmed to the point she began to scream in joy.

As whom appeared to be her father began to escort her into the building, she was literally leaping in excitement. It was an amazing occasion.

#ForeverDuncan is the right hashtag to trend. It’s definitely merited. Dude left no stone unturned in this proposal/wedding date.

As a complete surprise, Duncan just gave the ultimate definition of what it means to give your spouse a magical day.

I am so happy for you baby!!!! @sherrellthetrainer #ForeverDuncan ❤️❤️

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If you would like to view a short summary leading up to her wedding, check out the video below.

The source describes the day as follows.

“When she woke up in the morning, she had a boyfriend. By the end of breakfast, he was her fiancé. At 6pm, before she slept, she was saying good night to her husband.”

To those who have proposals coming up, don’t allow this to intimidate you. Every couple’s proposal is different and special in their own ways.

Yes, Duncan earned the hashtag #ForeverDuncan. That’s for sure!

But, the only thing he did was show that he honored and cherished his queen, and he wanted to her to know.

And trust…she knows. If you watched the video, you heard her at the alter.

Here’s the Takeaway

While this proposal was incredibly epic, please don’t think this is “the standard.”

This is extravagant surprise and showmanship at its best. This is a man showing his love for his woman in his own way.

This is not the cue for everyone to start hoping to get married the same day as the proposal.

This is not the cue for everyone to think their spouse isn’t trying hard enough because it isn’t up to par with Duncan’s.

While the memes are hilarious, this is real. There are real couples getting the silent treatment right now, after having viewed these videos.

Don’t be that shallow. Likewise, don’t put that kind of pressure of your companion.

However, at the same time, it’s definitely a fact that the overall standard is, indeed, raised after this.

#ForeverDuncan isn’t the standard.

But the standard definitely has moved from a simple “will you marry me?”.

Sorry, folks.

What are your thoughts?

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