[Graphic Video] Pregnant GF Barely Survives BF’s Attack, Surveillance Shows Gruesome Scene

Posted On : June 29, 2017

After you watch this video, you’ll probably agree this man needs to be thrown under the jail for his despicable, vile actions against this woman.

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA — According to Roanoke Times, 36-year-old Jamar Bernard Woody unleashed a vicious melee on his girlfriend — Shatory Irving, 26 — at the Spirit convenience store on Colonial Avenue.

Hard to watch…

According to the source, Irving was a little over 3-months-pregnant. While standing at the counter waiting to buy cigarettes, Woody started throwing punches at her face until she fell to the floor. But he didn’t stop there.

[Graphic] Pregnant GF Barely Survives BF's Attack, Surveillance Shows Gruesome Scene I
Jamar Woody began his assault with no signs of preemptive attack. Hopefully, he’s getting plenty of the same treatment in jail right now.
As Irving struggled on the ground, Woody kicked and punched her unrelentingly. The source notes as follows.

“The entire incident was captured on video by security cameras…the footage was shown during Woody’s daylong trial for malicious wounding in Roanoke Circuit Court.”

As jurors watched the footage you are about to see, the source says at least one of them gasp while viewing.

“Another looked away,” according to the Times. “One seemed moved to tears.”

After watching the horrific video, jurors recommended Woody an eight-year sentence. Likewise, the judge affirmed that sentence.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic and disturbing footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney David Billingsly mentioned as follows.

“This is a guy who simply lost his cool, can’t control his anger and just unleashed it.”

She still didn’t want to give him up…

The Roanoke Times reports that, after the attack, Irving actually dialed 911. She told them she had been attacked and needed help. However, when she was asked questions by the dispatcher, she said she didn’t know who hit her. Eventually, she hung up.

The source says she was treated by EMTs at the scene and taken to a local hospital. There, doctors said Irving’s primary injury was a one-inch laceration to the forehead, which exposed a small portion of her skull.

[Graphic] Pregnant GF Barely Survives BF's Attack, Surveillance Shows Gruesome Scene - Jamar Woody
Jamar Bernard Woody’s mugshot.
While no one deserves to be treated like this, the woman is not completely innocent either.


According to the source, their relationship is more complicated than it seems in the video. During court testimonies, it was revealed that Irving and Woody had a very “volatile and toxic” relationship.

Although Woody had early diagnoses of mental illness and problems with Irving, she also was a violent contribution to the relationship. The source mentions as follows.

“Irving said as much herself when she took the stand as the sole defense witness. She acknowledged that he had taken out a protective order against her in 2014, which she said she was later arrested for violating. She admitted that sometime after that, she broke windows at Woody’s grandmother’s house because he wouldn’t call her back.”

When the prosecution brought up recent drug and alcohol addictions, Irving declined to answer most of their questions. She also denied being left with a scar from the convenience store attack. Likewise, she claimed not to recognize herself in the video footage or in the forensic photographs taken after the attack.

According to the surveillance footage date, this incident took place on June 8 2016, at 5:47 p.m. Surveillance footage was made public this week.

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