Pregnant Woman Blasts Father Of Her Child On Facebook Live After He Gave Her HIV

Posted On : May 22, 2017

A pregnant woman has taken to Facebook to air her ex’s dirty laundry. Apparently, her ex had a big secret but failed to inform her about it prior to having sex with her and impregnating her with his child. According to Kissy Denise, she contracted HIV from him and now she’s taken to Facebook to vent about the disturbing experience that’s changed her life.

Blasted On Facebook:

On May 11, a woman named Nina Ross, of Jacksonville, FL, took to Facebook with a lengthy post slamming the estranged father of her child, presumably named Zell. Apparently, Nina was sexually involved with two men since she was released from jail and both claim they did not give her the virus. Before she reportedly figured out who gave her the virus, she took to Facebook to bash both men. However, the other man she was romantically involved with – reportedly named Deon Davenport, sent her a photo of test results and, of course, she posted a photo of the screenshot.

“Y’all some pussy a** h**s and niggas I don’t owe yall s**t b***h i know who I laid wit’ and want some of u h***s and n****s go get tested cause yall a** giving that s**t away b***h one thing bout me I’ma tell the truth and b***h look at my papers dumb f***s b***h if I been had I would have been full blown aids dumb f**ks or. Would have been on the news worldwide go read on that s**t go get real HIV/AIDs test from the lab plus b***h I bet i can still f**k ur man slashed b***h B****es and they still be in my inbox do you think that s**t hurting my feelings. F**KNO b***h they lied on Jesus Christ.

After receiving Deon’s test results, she took to Facebook to out Zell for his careless actions.

The Harsh Truth:

Another woman by the name of LadyByrd took to Facebook with a live-streamed video offering a breakdown of all the drama. She also had a message for those who live a promiscuous lifestyle, and choose to have sex with multiple men. LadyByrd, who is also reportedly HIV-positive after being sexually responsible, went on to blast Nina Ross for outing the father of her child, although she did not take precautions to protect themselves.

Ongoing Drama:

In addition to the eye-catching Facebook post, Nina also included numerous screenshots of explicit conversations and arguments she’s had with the father of her child after the accusations were shared on social media. Hopefully, the two can resolve the drama and their child is born healthy.

It’s difficult to sometimes write stories like this because everyday people like Nina and LadyByrd make a decision to take their story public, and this one is ugly. Two beautiful black women are now infected HIV positive and can’t live a lifestyle as they could previously. We hope that young women can learn from this, and can look at their stories and make better decisions. Maybe simply looking at the video and all the drama surrounding it is enough for a young lady to make that change, and to think prior to acting. We hope this works out for Nina and her baby.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!