What Is Going On?? People Paying $80/Hr To Cuddle

Posted On : October 22, 2017

ALL ACROSS THE U.S. — The crazy part about this is that people are literally paying almost $100 per hour for cuddle time. Even crazier? These cuddlers stay booked!

Message: Pay your companions attention, or they may end up booking one of these “therapists” on the low. It’s getting bad out here.

They go by various titles: cuddler, cuddlist, alternative touch therapist, etc. However, at the end of the day, they’re people to hold and caress you for an allotted amount of time.


For instance, take New Yorker Kan Seidel. He lives and operates his cuddle clinic from Chinatown. According to Elite Daily: Insights, it’s at the point now that professional cuddlers have to be “certified.”

Matter of fact, it goes further, according to Snuggle Buddies — a cuddle service website similar to the industry standard, Cuddlist.

The price list for these sessions makes me want to sign up as a cuddle therapist, myself. Hell, I can hold your hand for that coin. Smh.

Nevertheless, the price list notes as follows:

  • For a “Regular Session,” it’s $80 an hour. This includes “cuddling, snuggling, conversation, friendly massage, platonic outside dates to dinner, movies, etc. Any platonic activity you would do with a friend.” The minimum scheduled session is 1 hour. However, there are available increments ranging from 30 minutes up to 10 hours.
  • There’s the “Phone Session,” which is $60 an hour. You’re simply having a friendly, platonic conversation. That’s it. You may as well go for the regular session for $20 more.
  • Then, there’s the “Overnight Session,” which is basically a 10-hour sleepover for $400.

Listen to what this cuddlist, from Cuddle Sanctuary, has to say about why people pay them.

With this in mind, it’s painstakingly obvious that attention is quintessential in relationships.

People are literally willing to go out and pay for it.

While the site highlights, “We do not offer any sexual services,” what’s the difference between a cuddle therapist and a non-sexual escort?

In both situations, the client is looking for someone to pay them attention.

And look at this!

It’s like a cuddle orgy.

How do you feel about it? This thing is serious, people.

***Seriously strange.***

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