Queen Naija & Her Bae Clarence’s Maternity Shoot Photos Are Everything!

Posted On : January 8, 2019

Queen Naija & Her Bae Clarence’s Maternity Shoot Photos Are EVERYTHING!

Queen Naija, a rising r&b singer and super popular YouTube personality, posed for maternity pictures with her new bae, Clarence, and they are gorgeous. In case you’re wondering who Queen Naija is, she’s a woman who built a large fan base by highlighting her former relationship with her ex-husband, Chris Sails. At one point, Queen Naija was happily in love with Sails as they openly shared their relationship to You Tube. However, their marriage ended in 2017 after Naija discovered that Sails had cheated on her….AGAIN.

At the young age of 19, Queen Naija and Sails were married. Much to his dismay, Queen Naija captured their relationship through videos that she shared with the world. She would soon learn through video that her husband was unfaithful as some of her followers caught him on tape. In a interview with Ebro, Naija shared that their relationship ended not because Sails was unfaithful but because he was allegedly jealous of her shine. She alleged that while she tried to release new music, Sails would reportedly interfere by using her studio time or by releasing his own music. After leaving Chris, Queen released her song “Medicine” which charted on Billboard. The song went crazy and Clarence even played “Chris” in the video. Talk about ironic.

Now, the man who comforted her through her tears, has stepped up to be her King as they are expecting a king of their own due any day now.

See Pictures Of Queen Naija And Clarence’s Maternity Shoot

After Queen Naija broke up with Chris Sails, she was lonely and heartbroken. She turned to her best friend, Clarence White, for support. They began as just friends but shortly after her divorce from Sails, Queen revealed that she was pregnant by Clarence. Not only was Clarence a best friend turned lover, he was her love interest in her video for her song, Medicine. Medicine was inspired by her husband cheating on her.


After Queen Naija and Clarence announced that they were expecting their first child together and it seems the baby news had her ex-husband, Sails, feeling some kind of way. When the news hit Instagram, Sails responded to Queen’s song, Medicine,with a diss track called the #RightBackChallenge and it was all about Queen. Medicine is a song written by Queen where she addressed why their marriage dissolved.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure:

Unbothered by Sails’ diss track, Clarence responded by acknowledging that Sails is hurt that Queen moved on. In addition, Clarence took the time to remind Sails that he allegedly physically and verbally abused Queen during their marriage. In a Youtube video titled One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure (Reaction), Clarence made things plain as day:

You know if you mention my name or Queen’s name, it’s gonna blow up. And what you need? You need these views. I know you need these views…everybody got Social Blade.” Later on, he adds “There was another man that had the same girl and the same opportunity as I did. But what I choose to do, what I chose to do was lift her up, was encourage her. Make her feel beautiful. Make her feel like she’s a queen. Make sure she feels like no other woman could touch her.

Queen Is Living Her Best Life And Receiving The Royal Treatment

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I could not have asked for a better birthday yesterday. The way he was so thoughtful about EVERY single thing he did and even bought me was so beautiful. The horse & carriage was amazing and so romantic & it shows me he listens sooooo well cause I always talked about how I wanted a horse & carriage one day, from the rooftop fancy restaurant looking at the city of New York to every gift you presented me at every location, the reason why you picked them, the rose petals, the diamonds, the high end things I would never go and buy myself, the way you looked at me sincerely when you gave them…. OMG! Your mama taught you well, you’re a real man @clarencenyc and I enjoyed myself ❤️ now how imma top this 😨🙌🏼 I love you! Thank you for everything. You treat me like a real Queen.

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Queen Naija is a perfect example of how you can find love again. While her break-up with Sails was hurtful and public, she has picked up the pieces and moved into the arms of a new man. Stating that he treats her like a queen, Naija praised Clarence for being thoughtful and romantic.

With Her King By Her Side, Queen Naija Is Expecting A Prince:

Back in August, the couple revealed that they were expecting. Now, Queen Naija is very much pregnant and due any day now. The couple learned that they are having a boy and his name will be Legend Lorenzo White.

Queen Naija Is Already A Great Mom To Her First Born Son

Queen Naija has a 3 year-old son, CJ, with her ex-husband, Christopher Sails. Recently, Naija took to Instagram to express how much love she has for her sons and revealing that her love for them is unconditional.

The Royal Family

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The Royal Family..

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Singer/song-writer Queen Naija is living her best life with her three kings. QueenClarence, CJ and her unborn son Renzo are a beautiful family with the most adorable pictures we’ve ever seen. Known to fans as “The Royal Family”, after the name of their Youtube channel, fans can’t get enough of Queen and her king, Clarence.