That Was Quick! Actress LisaRaye Calls Off 1 Month Engagement To Fiancé Anthony B

Posted On : August 18, 2018

It was quite a shock when actress Lisa Raye was featured on the ABC reality show, The Proposal. After being previously married 2 times, Lisa Raye was ready to find love again as she participated on the reality show that focuses on helping couples to find love within an hour. At the end of the show, the 51 year-old beauty became engaged to Anthony Bryant. However, she recently announced that their engagement was off.

Lisa Raye Announced That The Wedding To Her Reality  TV Fiancé Is Off:

It’s official! Player’s Club actress Lisa Raye McCoy is back on the market as she called off her engagement to Anthony Bryant. Bryant and McCoy met as Lisa Raye was featured on the ABC reality show, The Proposal. Willing to give love a try, McCoy participated in the pageant-style reality dating series where 10 men fought to win her heart. Of course, the men had no idea that they were in the running to date the beautiful Lisa Raye. At the end, Lisa Raye received a eceived a marriage proposal from the Adonis Gonzalez, a 36-year-old firefighter, as well as Anthony Bryant. Ultimately, Lisa Raye chose Bryant who she had only known for an hour. Despite the fact that the show was reportedly filmed 2 months ago, Lisa Raye and Anthony were still engaged as of last month.

While their union seemed to be a beautiful love story, Lisa Raye announced on her Instagram that her engagement to Anthony Bryant was off.

Hello everyone, yes the relationship with Anthony B is over. I feel the right decision was made when I chose Anthony from the batch of men, I was given to select from the TV show @theproposaltv. We have both come to a mutual understanding that we are not compatible enough to continue in pursuing a relationship with each other. I do not regret anytime put into this journey because I was immensely receptive in trying a different approach and outlook on finding love. I wish Anthony B nothing but the best and even though a marriage is not happening I did acquire a new friend. #LifeRocks#theProposal

Lisa Raye Went Live On FB To Explain Why She And Anthony Bryant Didn’t Work Out:

What is really refreshing about Lisa Raye is her ability to keep it real. Not only is she attractive outwardly, but she’s beautiful on the inside . When she speaks, Lisa Raye makes you feel like you’re her longtime friend. To set the record straight, Lisa Raye acknowledged that the reality show she participated in is called ” The Proposal” but she wasn’t really engaged to Bryant. In reality, the show sets people up with people that they could potentially marry or become engaged to. Because Lisa Raye has been unlucky with love, she was open to a new approach. After choosing Bryant, they began working on getting to know each other. However, Lisa Raye admitted that they only saw each other as friends. On her Facebook Live, Lisa Raye shared that she wanted someone that gave her butterflies. Unfortunately, Bryant didn’t bring out those romantic feelings in her.

So, this time around, the third time was not the charm. Despite her failed marriages, Lisa Raye is not giving up on love. In case you didn’t know, her first marriage was to former NFL player Tony Martin in 1992. They’d divorce two years later. In 2006, she married former Premier of Turks and Caicos Michael Misick. That relationship also only lasted two years.

See Lisa Raye Speak About Her Engagement As Well As What She Is Looking For In A Man: