Ray J & Princess: The Strange $20,000 Confrontation With Man Who Returned Their Missing Dog

Posted On : April 29, 2019

A Family Reunited

Boogotti was lost but now he is found! Ray J and Princess Love have been reunited with their pooch! However the man who returned their missing dog might have been involved in his disappearance.

At the beginning of the month, the couple’s Maltese went missing from Ray’s parents’ home while they were dog sitting. Princess was offering a $20,000 reward for him to be returned safely.

According to surveillance video, Ray J believed their pooch was dognapped. Boogotti had escaped through a gate on the property. The suspect is a guy who looks to be in his early 20s. He had pulled up in a Dodge Charger, grabbed Boo off the street and sped away.

Now last week, sources close to the couple say Princess was contacted by a man who claimed he believed his neighbor had Boogotti. She asked him if he could get a picture for proof and he did. Surprisingly there was an unknown person was holding their beloved pup.

Oddly enough when Princess showed the photo to a friend. The friend recognized the unknown person! Not only that but they believed the man who contacted Princess had was helping that person.

Sources say the man told Princess he would retrieve the dog from the neighbor and return him. Only as long as he got the $20k reward. She agreed as long as they met at a public safe place, which happened to be at a local police station.

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