When Ex-Strippers Amber Rose And Blac Chyna Return Back To Strip Clubs, “It Gets Outta Control”

Posted On : June 6, 2017
Blac Chyna (L) and Amber Rose (R)

Up In Da Club

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose, have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Today, both are well known socialite celebrities, that generate strong cash flow. Although, far removed from their stripper days, they continue to pay homage to the days when they were ‘dropping it like it’s hot, in da club’ establishments.

Both ladies seem to have recreated themselves and landed some mind boggling opportunities.

Chyna, who shares a son named King Cairo, with rapper Tiger, clapped back at her ex-baby daddy, for dropping her for a much younger Kylie Jenner. To even the playing field, (because Chyna ain’t new to this), Chyna hooked up with Kylie’s brother, Rob Kardashian and recently had a girl, whom she named Dream, birthing his first born.

Chyna’s hooking up with Rob, created opportunities to make regular appearances on“Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, which had a domino effect. Chyna and Rob were offered their own spin-off show. Amber, made out fair as well. Rose whom shares a son named Sebastian, with rapper Wiz Kalifa, landed her very own talk show, as reported on PageSix.

Big Names Can Earn Up To $50,000 per Night

Reportedly, both celebrity socialites, make frequent visits, to the places that put them on the path to stardom. Some clubs pay for their guest appearances. Clubs like Studio 23 and Ace’s in Miami, dish out some real cash to entice celebrities to come and hang out with them. An insider, an alleged ‘up-and-coming’ host at Ace’s, named Lynda Rose, said not all former strippers get the inviting welcome, like the two former strippers do. She had this to say as posted by the source:

“You have to have the oomph where you are remembered, so when you do come through that door everyone knows who you are and they’re going to give you that love,” she explained. “That’s a good surprise.”

Just don’t expect for Rose and Chyna to be mingling with the masses.

“The club has a section for them. We have two places where we hold the bigger artists, but sometimes if it’s a guest and we don’t know that they’re popping up, they still accommodate you and make sure you’re seated away from the chaos,” Rose told Page Six, noting that big names can earn up to $50,000 per appearance. “The club gets out of control, but in a good way.”

Let’s Get This Money-Together

Club owners understand how to generate large sums of cash. Bringing in the right celebrities, is a frequent avenue to ensure all involved, have a lucrative payday. Reportedly, club establishments like Studio 23, offers the opportunity for clubers to be up and close and party along side celebrities. By hand picking their clubgoers and being very selective they are successful with creating a free, safe environment for celebrities to party, as reported by the source. No need to separate the stars from the crowd using VIP sections. It’s all VIP up in Studio 23.

Reportedly, Miloš Klimović, owner of Miami’s Studio 23,  had this to say in a prior interview regarding clubgoer selection:

“If they host a party where alongside with them there’s another eight or nine influencers of the same level and they know the crowd is curated, why would they say no?” he asked, rhetorically. “They all feed off it. Khaled didn’t get addicted to social media because it was fun. He thought being silly on social media would make him popular with his fan base. If you dig into his fan base, you’ll realize 85 percent of them are jobless. They don’t have the money or power behind them but they do have an influence of sharing the media. They always have to consistently improve their influence.”

Allegedly, as reported by the source, club owner Klimović, along with his nightclub staff and inviting accommodations, have developed a good relationship with Rose. Resulting in frequent guest appearances, to the ‘hotspot’.

“It becomes their comfortable hub,” he explained. “They’re not treated there as a celebrity. They’re treated as an in-house guest.” “Who cares about music anymore today?” he asked us. “Rose hasn’t released a single song, but if you book her, she has influence.”

Resulting in one h*ll of a party, as posted on the site.

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