Russell Simmons Shoots His Shot At Model Chanel Iman… And His Daughter Aoki Responds

Posted On : August 2, 2017
Model Chanel Iman

Model Chanel Iman is on vacation in Santorini, Greece. It’s a beautiful vacation spot in Europe with hotels built on the cliff  with a mesmerizing view of the Aegean Sea. Iman posted a photo of herself overlooking the sea and Russell Simmons commented about the amazing view.

My type of view 🌊🐚💙🇬🇷

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Simmons, whose username is uncle rush, agreed that the view was his kind of view too. Many people began to clown Simmons stating that he was being inappropriate as they assumed that he was commented on Chanel’s body. In addition, they clowned him for spelling her name wrong as he wrote “Channel” instead of “Chanel”.

See The Comment Below:

My type of view 🌊🐚💙🇬🇷 (Chanel Iman)

to which unclerush replied: Mine too lol. Hey channel 🙏🏽

Chanel’s Instagram followers weren’t the only ones giving Uncle Rush a hard time.  Russell’s youngest daughter Aoki, clearly embarrassed by her dad’s comment which some users compared his comment to something R. Kelly would say.

Aoki responded saying @unclerush “daddddddddddd stopppppppp you are so embarrassing”
Meanwhile Simmons, tried clearing up things by saying, That’s our family silly lol, while owning his terrible typo by saying, “Yes I can’t spell.”
and adding, “Aoki that’s ur sister and my buddy. Don’t make a scene lol.”

While Russell Simmons is known for dating beautiful, leggy models, he cleared up his comments letting it be known that Chanel is like family to him. In addition, she is in a relationship with her much younger boyfriend, NY Giants footballer Sterling Shephard. Shephard and Iman have been going strong since 2016 and he’s very romantic. Just recently, they vacationed together in Miami.

MIA✈️LAX ☁️💙

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Celebrating life and love

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Chanel is clearly enjoying the summer with her friends and boyfriend. She’s not thinking about Uncle Rush.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!