Sad..16 Year-Old Teen’s Life Was Cut Short And Family Members Blame Her 21 Year-Old Boyfriend

Posted On : October 29, 2018
Breaunna Brown (Screenshot)

The family of 16 year-old Breaunna Brown is in mourning as she was fatally shot by her boyfriend. While it is believed that Brown’s boyfriend accidentally killed her, the family is devastated over her death. Most importnantly, they are unsure if Brown’s death was an accident. Because Brown’s boyfriend was a legal adult, Brown’s family feels that he should have used better judgement when holding a weapon.

16-Year-Old Girl Was Accidentally Murdered By Her 21 Year-Old Boyfriend:

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, Breaunna Brown was dating 21 year-old Timothy Swinson-Willis. Family members shared with CBS  that Brown and Swinson-Willis were only dating for a short time. What they didn’t know is that Swinson-Willis was 21 years old. Natasha Waytes, Brown’s mother, told ABC 11 that she believed Swinson-Willis was 17.

On Wednesday, October 10th, Brown and Swinson-Willis were at Brown’s home. Apparently, while  Swinson-Willis was at Brown’s house, he was playing with his gun. The gun went off and struck Breaunna Brown in the face thus killing her instantly.

Timothy Swinson-Willis

Swinson-Willis immediately called 911 and told a dispatcher he “accidentally shot Brown in the face by mistake,” the documents said. In an effort to save Brown, Swinson-Willis attempted to contact emergency personnel but the call failed. Afraid, he ran away, taking the gun with him. Like most people when they are scared, Swinson-Willis then called his mother and told her what had happened. His mother called 911 “to ensure the victim received medical care” and went to look for her son. She found Swinson-Willis walking in a nearby neighborhood and drove him to the Police Department, where he turned himself in.

Timothy Swinson-Willis has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Family Members Wonder If The Victim’s Death Was An Accident:

Breaunna Brown was in her second year of high school. She was a vibrant teen full of energy with a beautiful smile. Several videos have been shared on Facebook of Brown dancing and laughing.

Full of fun. Loved to dance. Loved her friends, Anthony Waytes, Brown’s uncle, said to CBS.

Anthony Waytes shared that he lives in Tennessee and that he was just in Fayetteville, North Carolina for his grandmother’s funeral 3 weeks ago. When he heard the news about his niece, Anthony Waytes hopped on a plane to be with his family. Brown’s mother Natasha is so devastated about her death, that she has been unable to speak on it. Additionally, she has been unable to enter her apartment. Tragically, Breaunna was her only child.

We just buried my grandmother three weeks ago. Now I’m here to bury my niece. It’s not the greatest feeling in the world to lose a backbone of the family and someone who never got a chance to live life, Waytes said.

Although police officers believe that the suspect, Swinson-Willis, murdered Brown on accident, her family thinks differently. They still believe that he should have used better judgment as a gun owner. Most importantly, Brown’s family is questioning why the suspect was dating Brown given their vast age difference.

“Anybody that has a gun should know what they’re doing with it before they take it out and start to play with it. You’re 21 years old. My niece is 16. You should have never been with her, Waytes said. Can’t just play with guns”.

Brown’s mother feels that Swinson-Willis should face tougher charges.

“They say it was an accident. I am confused. I want murder charges. I want him to get the toughest penalty out there,” Waytes said.

Breaunna Brown (Facebook)

To help with the burial costs, a Go Fund Me account was created for Breaunna Brown. The following was posted on the page:

Hello my name is Anthony and yesterday our sister Natasha lost her daughter. Breanna was so much full of life! Making videos dancing, doing hair and had a smile that can light up world. Unfortunately due to the unexpected death we are asking for help to give Bre a proper going home celebration. Anything will help she was her only child. Bre we love you and you will forever be in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Breaunna. Gone too soon.