Sad, Another Young Victim Text Messages Prove “Bring It!” Coach Gave Him H.I.V. Too

Posted On : September 24, 2016

Recently, news broke that “Bring It!” Coach John Conner III, who coaches the Infamous Dancerettes, was arrested for not only having sex with a minor but he allegedly gave the victim H.I.V.

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Now, another victim, who is not a minor nor a member of the dance team, spoke with Justin J and revealed that he was the first victim to press charges against Conner for allegedly giving him H.I.V.

Here’s his story.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, shared with Justin that he reached out to Coach Conner via Facebook at the end of 2015. Originally, the 2 men were just talking via social media. Then, at the end of February, the victim arranged to meet John in a hotel room. Coach Conner informed the victim that he planned to lie about how they knew each other.


He claims that he didn’t intend on having sex with Coach Conner. However, in the middle of the night, Conner woke him and they engaged into unprotected intercourse.

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Apparently, even though he was talking to the victim, John was also still involved with his ex-boyfriend. Conner’s ex-boyfriend contacted the victim and dropped a bombshell. The victim revealed that he had unprotected with Conner and Conner’s ex revealed that Conner was H.I.V. positive.

When the victim contacted John to ask him about the allegations, John avoided the questions.

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According to the victim, even before discovering that John may be H.I.V. positive, he was feeling under the weather. Before going to the doctor, he questioned John to see if John would come clean,but, he avoided the question.

While the victim was sick, he had no idea that his sickness was related to being H.I.V. In May 2016, a trip to the doctor revealed that he was H.I.V. positive.


After the doctor revealed the victim’s fate, he called Jon in tears to give him the news. The victim claims John was upset too because he thought he was undetectable. Coach Conner revealed to tell the victim the truth but he claims that he thought the victim was safe.

In the beginning the victim didn’t want to press charges. However, with encouragement from his family, he decided to come forward to save someone else.

He didn’t want me to tell my mother. My mother is like my best friend. I ended up telling her. My family and stuff that knew said that he needed to pay for this. It could’ve been more than just me. And it’s a total of 4 people that I was told by my detective.

The victim shared with Justin J that he was the first one to file charges and that after he did, the 17-year-old victim filed in the month of August. The case is still developing.



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