Sad…Drunken Army Veteran Arrested For Mistakenly Killing His Wife

Posted On : January 30, 2018
Carl Morrison has been charged with intoxication manslaughter as he is being accused of allegedly murdering his wife, Marlena Chan Morrison. (Facebook) 

San Antonio, Texas man, Carl Morrison, is a 49 year old army veteran. Morrison has a beautiful family which included his wife, Marlena Chan Morrison, and their 4 children. Chan Morrison referred to their children as her 4 heartbeats. Tragically, Chan Morrison was killed and police officers are saying that her husband is responsible for her death.

According to News 4 San Antonio, Morrison and his wife were driving separate cars on Monday night. Police officers are not sure why the husband and wife were driving separate vehicles. Additionally, police officers are trying to determine if they were chasing one another. However, it appears that Morrison was driving under the influence.

Carl Morrison,49, and his wife. Marlena Chan Morrison, were in separate cars when she made a sudden U-turn. He allegedly drove into her, killing her instantly while he sustained no injuries. (Facebook) 

As Chan Morrison drove in her black Sedan, she made a U-turn for an unknown reason. What happened next is unbelievably sad. As she made a u-turn, the Daily Mail reports that Morrison T-boned her with his red pickup truck, killing her. Paramedics pronounced the woman dead at the scene. Interestingly enough, Morrison did not suffer any injuries in the collision.  Investigators do not believe she was wearing a seat belt.

Morrison was taken into custody and faces charges of intoxication manslaughter. It’s unclear who has custody of their 4 children. This is not the first time that Morrison has been accused of driving drunk. Online records show Carl Morrison had a prior arrest for driving while intoxicated in Bell County in 2014. According to records, he was placed a year probation.