Sad…Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa’s New Man Blasted Again, Wife Reveals Horrible Ultimatum He Gave Her

Posted On : May 16, 2018

Last week, Salt-N-Pepa star, Sandra “Pepa” Denton found herself at the center of controversy when her and her man, Aundre Dean were blasted on Instagram. For those who missed all that tea, Aundre’s heavily pregnant wife, Jordyn Taylor, took to Instagram to slam the “Carter High” actor and his famous cougar. Initially, she only revealed he’d lied about his relationship with Pepa claiming she was just his manager and in place to help him further his career. Now, she’s revealing the horrible ultimatum he gave her when she found out about his relationship with Pepa.

Abortion Or Nah?..:

On Tuesday, May 15, Jordyn took to Instagram with a lengthy post that has turned lots of heads on the social network. She revealed Aundre gave her a horrible ultimatum that would have been a loss for her either way. Their separation came after Aundre demanded that she have an abortion because he didn’t want their child. If she refused to have the procedure, he wanted out of the marriage. Needless to say, Jordyn wasn’t willing to bend simply because Aundre didn’t want the responsibility of being a father. When she chose her child, there was no other option left but to separate and divorce.

She wrote, “In December Aundre & I separated after he gave me an ultimatum to have an abortion or to get a divorce. I chose to Trust God & preserve the life of our daughter – while praying for my husband,” Taylor wrote in a note she posted to her Instagram. “Although there were signs, I just couldn’t believe he was having an affair with his “boss” #PepaPig. Now, I know that’s why he wanted me to get rid of our baby.”

Check out Jordyn’s latest Instagram post:

But It Gets Worse:

According to Dallas Black, Jordyn also shared another interesting post revealing just how close she and Pepa were before she secretly began seeing her husband. She revealed Pepa had even helped her plan her birthday party last August. The video she posted definitely shows Aundre wasn’t the only one Pepa had become friends with, which is probably why Jordyn felt compelled to out them both for the betrayal.

Pepa The Mistress?..:

The latest news follows Jordyn’s jaw-dropping Instagram post about Aundre and Pepa. Of course, she showed no mercy when it came to Aundre and her sentiments of Pepa were quite clear. “When mistresses talk about God… it’s laughable! “Keep being a good dad?” @iamaundre can’t keep his visitations with his son because @darealpepa is parading him around the country. Still, I blame him for this! News check… Good dads pay child support & don’t break in and vandalize their wives apartments. Good dads also don’t stress their pregnant wives out for 15 minutes of fame with a D list “has been” senior citizen celebrity… Still, I release you both in the name of Jesus. God bless u #GUHH #heresyour15minutesoffame. Liar… saying she was your boss. Introducing me to her & asking me if SHE could be our daughter’s god mother! #fatheroftheyear.

Here’s the previous post:


Pepa Pops Off:

After Jordyn outed Pepa and Aundre, fans strolled over to the former rapper’s page and immediately began dragging her about Aundre. In fact, Pepa was gettin’ dragged so much, she disabled the comments on the posts she shared when they attended the Kentucky Derby. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t have anything to say. Pepa actually commented about the side chick rumors. When one fan asked Pepa to “address these side [chick] allegations from his wife” she said, “Everyone will know the deal when it’s time because I’m gonna do it big,” she explained. Aundre even commented saying “We gone be [alright]!” He added, “Dat Way!”

But of course, someone else quickly reminded Pepa where the so-called rumors: Aundre’s legal wife. Since the whole Instagram fiasco, Pepa’s comments have been erased. But it’ll definitely be interesting to see what Pepa has up her sleeve.