Sad….Police Believe Engaged Couple Was Murdered By Someone They Knew

Posted On : May 30, 2018

Family members shared that Erik Couch and Tamika Garner were engaged to be married as they had been dating for years. Couch and Garner were in love and had plans of spending the rest of their lives together. Tragically, their dreams would be deferred as someone murdered the lovely couple in their home. Police officers believe that the couple may have been murdered by someone they knew.


Engaged Couple Shot To Death In Their Home:

According to Fox 2 Detroit, 48 year-old Erik Couch and 45-year-old Tamika Garner were home with their 3 children when someone knocked on their door. It was 12:30 Wednesday morning and police believe that Couch may have known the person as he opened the door. It appears that two masked gunmen entered the home and Couch reportedly tried to run out. Tragically, Couch was found fatally shot on the front lawn. Sadly, Couch’s bride-to-be, was found dead in the family room from a gun shot wound. When news spread of Garner and Couch’s death, family and friends rushed to the scene in disbelief. A motive has not be determined as family members shared that the couple had no enemies.

The suspects were wearing masks at the time of the shooting, leaving a vague description. They were driving a white Dodge SUV. Investigators revealed that there were three older children at the home at the time, and that one of the kids had to jump out a window to safety. Neighbors reported that they heard 20 gun shots.

The city of Detroit is outraged as this happened to another couple not too long ago.

Another Detroit Couple Was Shot And Killed In Their Home:

Shortly before his tragic death, George Mitchell had celebrated his 52nd birthday on March 15th. Mitchell was a father of two and grandfather. He was also in a relationship with 30 year-old LaQuita Payton. She was a mother of 5 children. Days before she passed, Payton learned that she was pregnant again with Mitchell’s baby.

On March 31st, someone entered their home and opened fire. According to WXYZ, Mitchell’s brother was home at the time as he was upstairs.  He then came downstairs to find George and Laquita unresponsive. While there have been no arrests or motive determined, there has been some speculation as to who would possibly want to harm the couple.

MI Headlines shared that someone tried to steal Mitchell’s snowblower off his porch. Mitchell was able to scare the thieves off but family members believed that the thieves may have returned to Mitchell’s home. However, there was nothing taken from the home at the time of the murders. In addition to the robbery theory, it appears that Payton’s 5 children lived with their dad as her children’s father allegedly did not approve of her relationship with Mitchell. MI Headlines shared that Payton asked to see her children before she was killed, but her children’s father said no. Some family members believed he may have killed LaQuita and George because he was jealous of their relationship.

Mitchell’s sister Temika Anderson is devastated over her brother’s death and she wants justice for him as well as LaQuita.

We need closure, we need to know who took his life. Who took him away from us?, said Mitchell’s sister Temika Anderson.

Mitchell’s niece Tiffani Johnson stated that she wishes that the people responsible would turn themselves in.

I just want to know who did this to my uncle, if you know anything or if you knew the person who did it, could you please turn yourself in, so my family can stop suffering from this.

As of right now, both cases have been unsolved and the families would like some closure. Our prayers are for the families.