Samuel L. Jackson’s Wife LaTanya Richardson Shares The Simple Secrets To Their 38 Year Marriage

Posted On : January 1, 2019

Samuel L. Jackson is one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors, appearing in well over 100 movies. His voice is the most recognizable in Hollywood and his presence on screen is magical. It’s no surprise that the 70-year-old star even holds the title of highest-grossing actor of all time, banking more bucks than acting heavyweights such as Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks, who come in at second and third, respectively. And his achievements don’t stop off-screen. One of his greatest achievements is being married for nearly 40 years to actress, LaTanya Richardson Jackson.

Having a long-lasting marriage is not easy particularly if you’re in the limelight like actor Samuel L. Jackson and his lovely wife, LaTanya Richardson Jackson. For nearly four decades, LaTanya has been by Samuel’s side. It was LaTanya who stood by him during Samuel’s darkest moment where he almost lost everything. Referring to LaTanya as his hardest critic, she praised him but at the same time she challenged him to do better. The two love birds met in college as Richardson Jackson attended Spelman and Jackson attended Morehouse. Jackson actually was pursuing a degree in marine biology. However, according to Scribol,Jackson changed his major to drama after joining a theater club. As luck would have it, it was there that he met LaTanya.

After graduation, they both moved to New York to pursue careers in their field. They married in 1980 an their daughter Zoe was born in 1982. In an interview with Essence, Richardson Jackson is opening up and sharing the keys to their long-lasting union.

Samuel And LaTanya Have A Relationship With God

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Actress and producer LaTanya Richardson and Samuel Jackson have a marriage that is definitely one that many aspire to have. LaTanya Richardson Jackson recently shared with Essence the secret to the couples 38 year marriage.

You have to have a big heart and the Lord, Richardson Jackson shared. You can’t do this without the Lord. You’re going to have to turn to somebody, something — because men, they are different, she advised. They’re cut from a different cloth.

They Believed That Divorce Wasn’t An Option

Referring to themselves as “revolutionaries”, Richardson Jackson shared that she and Samuel believed that keeping their family together was important.

“I’m telling you, we were revolutionaries,” she said of herself and her hubby. “We used to say the most revolutionary thing was to keep a Black family together. So that became our mantra.”

LaTanya And Samuel Don’t Go To Bed With Anger

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There is an old secret to a happy and lasting marriage that the Jacksons believe in: Never go to bed angry. Most enduring couples really do swear by their refusal to turn out the lights before resolving an issue, whether it’s a minor quarrel or a deeper argument. LaTanya revealed that with teeth gritted, she’ll still tell Samuel that she loves him.

“No matter what: don’t let the sun go down on your wrath. I’d be like this,” she said, gritting her teeth, “‘OK good night, I love you. I love you.’ And I’d go to sleep.”

Every Battle Isn’t Worth Fighting

Marriages simply can’t go forward if either partner holds onto past transgressions. Sometimes, you have to let things go. Simply put, you have to let go and let God.

“But let God fix it. But you gon’ have to forget a lot,” Richardson Jackson added, joking that you’ll need to have “amnesia.”

Married Women Should Stay Active

Like her husband, LaTanya Richardson Jackson has an active acting career. Currently, LaTanya Richardson Jackson is playing the maid in the Broadway adaptation of Harper Lee’s classic novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. She expressed the importance of women working and maintaining themselves.

“And keep working,” she offered. “Keep yourself lifted. Do not [stop working] even if you have a baby. You let your baby see you working.”

It appears that Samuel L believes that working has helped their marriage last long as well. In an interview with PEOPLE, Samuel L. shared that he believed that his marriage was built to last.

Samuel L. Jackson Shared That He And His Wife Have A Strong Bond

In speaking with his The Hitman’s Bodyguard co-star, Ryan Reynolds, Jackson revealed that he knew his marriage would last with his wife. They have always had a strong bond and busy careers.

“We actually thought we were going to be the black Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, but we were going to stay together!” Jackson told PEOPLE. “She’s had a good career. I’ve had a good career. So it’s worked.”

When Samuel L. Jackson received a lifetime achievement award at the BET awards, he praised his wife and daughter for helping him stay relevant in the acting game by saving his life.

Samuel L Jackson Thanked His Wife And Daughter For Saving His Life:

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In 2016, Samuel L Jackson thanked his wife and daughter for saving his life as he collected his Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards. While accepting his award, Jackson praised his loved ones for urging him to go to rehab after finding him passed out one day.

“The other two people that challenged me on a regular basis are my foundation and support, my daughter Zoe and my wife LaTanya. The two women that actually found me passed out on the floor after I left somebody’s bachelor party and put me in rehab the next day. And supported me and pushed me and give me a reason to get up and go and chase it day after day after day”, Jackson said in his acceptance speech.

Samuel L. Jackson And LaTanya Have Been Married For Almost 4 Decades

In Hollywood, it’s commonplace to have celebrity couples look cute together, become an item, get married, only to get divorces years later. So when a couple in Hollywood has been married for nearly 40 years, it is something to celebrate.