Say What? Entitled Bridezilla Cancels Wedding After Guests Refused To Pay $1500/Each To Attend

Posted On : August 31, 2018

As bizarre as the title sounds, this actually happened. While we’ve all heard horror wedding stories or watched the show Bridezillas where outrageous brides plan over-the-top weddings with exceedingly high expectations of their husband-to-be, family members, and wedding party, the latest story is a tad bit different. Not only was this bride demanding of everyone involved in her big day, she also had major demands for her guests. This bridezilla turned lots of heads with a Facebook post where she showed her true colors.

Pay Or Don’t Come:

According to the Daily Mail, the Canadian bride-to-be reportedly named Susan took to Facebook with a jaw-dropping rant about her wedding and the costly price tag she put on attendance for the wedding. It has been reported that Susan actually wanted all guests to pay a whopping $1,500 to attend the wedding. But why would people have to pay to watch her walk down the aisle? Apparently, she thinks the sacrifices they’ve made for the dream wedding should be compensated although it’s her big day.

“How could we have our wedding that we dreamed of without proper funding? We’d sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500. We talked to a few people who even promised us more to make our dream come true,” she reportedly wrote on Facebook, according to the publication.

As expected, Susan’s post was also met by opposition from some of her Facebook friend. One person had no reservations about telling Susan what most people are probably thinking: she’s out of her mind. The posts likely caught the attention of lots of people so Susan reportedly opted to take the rant down. Although the posts are no longer on Facebook, of course, there are screenshots and we all know it belongs to the Internet once the screenshots are snapped. Now, social media users everywhere are reeling over the bizarre rant and the screenshots are going viral. Since very few people wanted to pay the cost of attendance, Susan reportedly canceled the wedding.

Check out the screenshots:


More Staggering Costs:

Apparently, Susan didn’t see any problem with her bizarre requests because quite a few people close to her had no problem shelling out staggering amounts of money for the wedding. She also revealed just how much some members of the wedding party actually put up to be part of the wedding. The numbers are absolutely mindblowing. “My maid of honor pledged $5,000 along with her planning services. We tearfully thanked and accepted. My ex’s family offered to contribute $3,000. So our request for $1,500 for all other guests was not fucking out of the ordinary. Like, we made it clear. If you couldn’t contribute, you weren’t invited to our exclusive wedding. It’s a once and a lifetime party.”

A Kardashian Dream Wedding:

If the requirements aren’t bizarre enough, Susan went on to detail her wedding plans revealing she’d always dreamed of a lavish Kardashian-like wedding. Her dream day reportedly came with a $60,000 price tag she couldn’t cover without assistance. So instead of scaling back and making cuts to accommodate the wedding budget, she simply expected others to pitch in. Since very few people did, she canceled the wedding and ended her relationship with a man described as her high school sweetheart. Susan hgas expressed an array of emotions over the botched lavish wedding and now she’s blaming family and friends for her big day falling apart.

“We were f***ing livid,” Susan wrote. “How was this supposed to happen without a little help from our friends. To make matters worse, my ex’s family took back their offer. Suddenly, more people backed out, including the…maid of honor. My best friend since childhood. My second family. I was so shocked and tearful.

“I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day and then live my life like normal,” she said.

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Betrayed or Nah?:

She went on to explain how she’d heard her ex-husband-to-be talking about her with close friends, presumably about the over-the-top wedding. “I overheard him talking in the basement when he called me a stuck up b***h. Anyway, I am exhausted. I am bone tired. My heart is not the same. It’s stone cold,” she wrote.

Although the wedding is a done deal, it’s probably a good thing for her ex because this appears as if it was a disaster in the making. Due to the attention her posts have garnered, Susan has reportedly deactivated her Facebook account.