Say What? Jesse Williams’ Estranged Wife Claims It Costs More Than $70K Monthly To Care For Kids

Posted On : April 12, 2018

To many people, $70,000 would seem like a whole lot of money considering a large number of Americans barely see $70,000 in a year. But to Aryn Drake-Lee, it’s a sizable amount she believes her estranged husband can shell out on a monthly basis. By now, most fans know Grey’s Anatomy star and his estranged wife have been embroiled in a heated divorce battle for quite some time. From alimony payments child support, the two have gone back and forth trying to reach an agreement on the pressing issues at hand. Back in March, the two seemed as if they’d reached an agreement but the latest news suggests Aryn isn’t too happy with the current arrangements. Apparently, $70,000 isn’t much to Aryn because she claims it’s still not enough to care for her children on a monthly basis.

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$70K A Month, Nothin’ Less:

Although Aryn is already receiving more than $50,000 a month in child support for their two children, Maceo, 4 and Sadie, 2, according to Ebony Magazine, that just isn’t gonna cut it for the scorned mother of two. Now, it has been reported that Aryn has filed legal papers requesting an additional $23,000 a month. The legal documents have revealed Aryn has requested funds “in the amount of $26,884.50, for [Williams’] one-half share of the children’s schooling and activities, and the nanny costs incurred during his custodial time, of which I have paid 100%,” the publication reports.

TMZ reports the young mom is asking the judge to boost the $50,695 per month Williams has already been ordered to pay to $73,369. According to official documents, Lee is paying 100% of the kids bills, including clothes, food, traveling outside L.A. to visit family, swimming and dance lessons, child care and tuition.

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Since Aryn believes her soon-to-be ex-husband could be making massive amounts to the tune of $250,000 an episode for Grey’s Anatomy, it seems as if she feels her requests are nothing more than a drop in the bucket. She’s also requesting an additional $200K to cover her legal costs.

Drake-Lee said in the court documents that she had previously received $160,000 from Williams, “of which $100,000 was characterized as an advance toward temporary child support and spousal support, and $60,000 as contribution to my attorney’s fees and costs.” In addition for paying “100% of the expenses for the children, including school tuition and classes,” Drake-Lee claimed in the documents that “from my support, I am paying housing expenses associated with our community residence, including mortgage and property taxes, and I am paying all of the costs for our joint nanny.”

“The order will give the children the opportunity to continue participating in the activities and events to which they have grown accustomed, and will allow them to live comfortable in both Petitioner’s home and mine,” she added. – People

Custody Order:

Aryn’s latest legal filing follows a string of other reports regarding their messy divorce. Back in September Aryn’s attorney, Jill Hersh, insisted that she was pleased with the initial arrangement, according to People magazine. “Aryn is pleased to have an arrangement that will provide stability and continuity for the children so that their best interests are the highest priority,” Hersh said on September 6 in a statement to the publication. According to the order, “the parents shall share joint legal custody of the children.”

“Each parent shall be designated as a person that the children’s school or activity will contact in the event of an emergency” and “the parents shall have equal access to the children’s school, medical, dental and activities records,” the order reads.

However, the latest filing proves Aryn still wasn’t exactly pleased with the way things previously turned out but it doesn’t look like she’ll stop until she gets exactly what she wants.