‘She’s The One’: Victor Cruz Gushes About Relationship w/ Karrueche Tran

Posted On : October 19, 2018

After a highly publicized relationship and break up with Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran has been very low-key this year and it appears her relationship with Victor Cruz is getting very serious. In fact, Victor’s latest interview with US Weekly has fans wondering if he and Karrueche will be ready to walk down the aisle really soon. For those who haven’t heard Victor gush about Karrueche, he’s made it clear their relationship is definitely the real deal.

The One For Me:

During a recent interview with the publication, the former New York Giants’ star opened up about his relationship and he spoke very highly of the model/actress. “She’s very much the one for me,” the star wide receiver said. “I love her very much,” Cruz gushed. “We’re still growing and learning things about each other as we’re going along.” Although Victor didn’t dive all the way in with the details, it’s quite obvious how he feels. According to Page Six, the quick discussion about Karrueche has fans wondering if he’ll be popping the big question in the near future. As news reports circulate with the news about Victor’s interview, fans are taking to social media with their reactions. Victor’s reference to Karrueche being “the one” is the reason for all of the chatter now.

One fan wrote, “Victor Cruz is thinking about popping the question to Karrueche and they only been together what a year? When you know you just know I guess.” Another Twitter user admitted there was speculation she’d try and work things out with Chris Brown but it’s obvious Karrueche has totally moved on. The Twitter user wrote, “Mad times I doubted Karrueche and thought she was gonna go back to Chris after she found out he had a baby on her. But she really f**king didn’t!!!!! And she really got Victor Cruz. That’s fire.”

Check out some of the other tweets:

Karrueche Loves Victor:

The latest news follows a string of speculative reports about the relationship. Last December, the dating rumors began circulating when Karrueche and Victor were spotted together. Initially, the two didn’t confirm they were dating after a couple of months, Karrueche and Victor confirmed the relationship. Like the former NFL baller, Karrueche Tran also gushed about her man during a previous interview. At the time, she admitted she’d been spending time with him but they were taking things slow. Although their schedules are quite hectic, they’ve managed to make it work. “We’ve been hanging out and getting to know one another. My main priority is always work, but he’s a gentleman. He’s a sweet guy and he’s really nice. We’re taking it slow, but yes!”

Karrueche also admitted her man isn’t too hard on the eyes either. During an interview with Ebony magazine, Karrueche swooned over her man’s attractive body. In fact, Karrueche admitted that Victor’s athletic physique has inspired her to become more fit. “His body looking like that really motivates me to get mine right — I have to make sure my body is just as bangin’!” she said. “It’s so refreshing and different for me to be around his good-hearted energy. We mesh so well, we laugh all the time and have such a great time together.”

Victor hasn’t directly addressed the engagement rumors but it’s safe to say he’ll be asked about his previous statement in the near future. Only time will tell how things play out but the holiday season may lead to big surprises for Karrueche.