Social Media Star Remembers The Love Of His Life Who Died Suddenly In Childbirth

Posted On : June 19, 2018

Social media star, Mustafa Shabazz, and the love of his life, East Orange Police Department Sergeant 38 year-old Tahmesha Dickey, were the perfect example of black love as they inspired many people with their beautiful love story. The couple chronicled their first pregnancy as Dickey was looking forward to being a mother for the third time. The young lovers were looking forward to one of  the happiest days of their life when tragedy struck. As their baby boy, Prince Muhsin came into world, Tahmesha lost her life.

Man Mourns The Love Of His Life Who Died Before She Could Meet Their Son:

Mustafa Shabazz couldn’t wait to be a parent with the love of his life, Tahmesha Dickey. Shabazz affectionately called her Mesh as he garnered a large social media following as people were enamored with their relationship. Not only were they both attractive but people were attracted to their story as they shared their love publicly with the world. The couple shared photos of themselves on Instagram and chronicled their lives as they were looking forward to the birth of their first child. Dickey already had 2 children but this would be Shabazz’s first child. He was super excited.

I was excited… because this is what I always wanted, I always wanted a family, Shabazz said to ABC News. 

Shabazz and Dickey were the epitome of happiness. Dickey shared on her Instagram page that while relationships aren’t easy, she believed that Shabazz was her soulmate. Calling Shabazz her best friend, the couple traveled together and constantly affirmed one another on Instagram. It was beautiful to witness two people so happy. Tahmesha and Mustafa had been together for about a year when they decided to start a family. For him, she was the perfect person to have a child with as he viewed her as the perfect woman.

If I wanted to describe her to someone, I’d describe her as all woman, Shabazz said. She was very generous, motivated, dedicated to her family, her work ethic was amazing… she was just a caring loving person.

Tragedy Struck As The Doting Couple Was Welcoming Their Baby In The World:

At 39 weeks pregnant,  Tahmesha Dickey was ready to meet her son. The nursery was complete with her son’s name on the wall as Tahmesha  and Mustafa couldn’t wait to meet their prince, Muhsin. Dickey had done everything that she needed to do to ensure that she would have a healthy baby. Her pregnancy had been going well, Shabazz said. She was not high risk and had been regularly going to her prenatal visits. However, while giving birth, she was reportedly having trouble breathing. According to ABC News, within minutes, Dickey went into cardiac arrest and doctors performed an emergency c-section to try to save her and the baby.

[I thought] this can’t be happening, it seemed like a dream, Shabazz said. They asked me to step out. I stepped outside of the room and I could just hear him saying … we’re trying to bring her back, trying to grab a pulse.

While doctors were able to save baby Muhsin, they were unable to save Tahmesha Dickey. Sadly, Tahmesha Dickey, who was an East Orange Police Department Sergeant, passed away on Sunday, January 7, 2018 due to complications following childbirth. Dickey died of an amniotic fluid embolism – an often fatal complication in which amniotic fluid enters the women’s blood stream. It occurs in 1 out of 10,000 pregnancies and doctors are unsure why it happens or how to prevent it.

Now, Muhsin is 5 months-old and is the apple of his father’s eye. While Shabazz loves his son and enjoys being a father, his heart still hurts as he often thinks about what Tahmesha missed out on. Most importantly, Shabazz is saddened that his son will never get the chance to meet his mother.

Muhsin is going to miss out on having a great mother, that’s what hurts so bad about this situation Shabazz said to ABC News.

Mourning Mesh’s death, Mustafa has shared pictures of their baby on social media and the internet is in love with them, holding him close to his heart and cradling him dearly Prince Muhsin sleeps peacefully in his father’s arms. Just recently, Shabazz celebrated his first father’s day. The day was bitter sweet.