Did Sports Writer Who Called Rihanna ‘FAT’ Get What He Deserved?

Posted On : June 3, 2017
Rhianna (L) and Chris ‘Spags’ Spagnuolo (R)

Be Careful Of What You Say

Most men know that there are certain lines when dealing with women, that you just don’t cross. Never ask a woman her age nor make comments about her weight…lol!

Obviously, Chris Spags’ Spagnuolo, who writes for Barstool Sports, didn’t get the memo! On Tuesday, Spagnuolo wrote an article referencing Rhianna’s alleged weight gain. Spagnuolo didn’t just make a general comment, but he wrote an entire 350 word rant about the singers alleged shift in weight, as reported by Dailymail.

Reportedly, Spagnuolo made comical comments about the star. He even went as far to say, she looked like she was wearing a sumo suit according to the source. The Barstool Sports writer didn’t stop there.

He went on to say hurtful things when referencing Rihanna’s weight. Spagnuolo allegedly said, he worried that RiRi’s new look with the added weight hopefully wouldn’t inspire ‘hot girls’ and that her look was dangerous for those that are fans to her, as posted on the site.

Rihanna and her Navy.

“Is Rihanna Going To Make Being Fat The Hot New Trend?”

Rihanna, has a a loyal following. With over 81 million followers on her Facebook account alone. Not to mention those on Twitter who got into the action and the ‘Navy’ was not having it. Of course he wasn’t going to come for RiRi and not get slammed for the insulting comments.

As reported by the source, Spagnuolo received backlash from a wide range of people that disliked his comments. Reportedly, the chastise was so intense that he was suspended from blogging indefinitely by his employer.

Reportedly, the desire to write the article stemmed from recent pictures taken of Rihanna this past Saturday, while out and about in New York city as reported by the source. Spagnuolos’ who came across as offended by Rihanna’s arguable weight gain stated: ‘Is Rihanna Going To Make Being Fat The Hot New Trend?’

Blogger Silenced

Reportedly, criticism about Spagnuolos’ piece came from many outlets, and the backlash was brutal:

Cosmpolitan calling Barstool a ‘garbage sports site’, and Allure magazine tweeted:

‘Using misogyny & body-shaming women as a way to earn Twitter engagement is a pretty pathetic path to success.’

Following the negative responses, damage control was necessary to try and fix the situation and had to be done quick. Reportedly, Dave Portnov, the websites editor addressed the negative publicity, by issuing a statement on Wednesday, as posted by the source:

‘To be honest I don’t think the blog was as bad as many are making it out to be, but I’ll tell you this. It wasn’t that funny either and I could have told you with absolute certainty that feminists would hate it and use it as an example of “there goes Barstool being Barstool again,”‘ the statement read.

‘There are just certain topics that you better nail if you’re gonna write about them because you know they are hot button issues for us,’ he went on, framing the problem as being not that the piece was rude or nasty, but that it wasn’t funny enough.

‘So if you’re gonna blog about Rihanna gaining weight you better be funny as f**k and you better make it bullet proof,’ he said.

SUSPENDED And Responds By Slamming His Boss

One would think the repercussions would have made Spagnuolos bow out gracefully. But obviously, when you have a big ego, one can’t see the leaves from the trees. Spagnuolos, responded to the discipline by tweeting a response to his boss as posted by the source:

‘Breaking: My boss can’t handle getting called out in Cosmo now that he’s trying to f*** anyyone who reads Teen Vogue [sic],’ he wrote.

What part of 81+million followers did Spags not get? More Rihanna supporters responses followed:

‘Interviewer: So why were you fired?’ wrote one woman. ‘You: I fat-shamed a celebrity in a poorly-written article & then cried on Twitter when it was deleted.’

‘Next tweet should be your resume,’ added someone else.

If he didn’t learn before, “you gone learn today”, in my Kevin Hart voice. A word of caution: Never come for RiRi, but if you do, be ready for the raft of the “Navy’.  Check out RiRi’s summer hosiery collection below.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!