Surveillance Video Shows Man Carry Woman Into Building, Later Leave With 2 Suitcases

Posted On : March 5, 2019
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Details Surrounding Young Mother’s Death Revealed, Rhode Island Man Faces Federal Charges

According to CBS News, a Rhode Island man, Louis Coleman III, 32, who was arrested in Delaware is now facing federal charges of kidnapping resulting in the death of young Boston mother, Jassy Correia.

Recall–Correia, was out celebrating her 23rd birthday with friends February  24, 2018,  at a Boston nightclub, and was last seen walking on Tremont Street early Sunday morning in the company of an unidentified man.

(Sidenote ladies: if you arrive with your friends, you leave with your friends!)

Reportedly, witnesses identified Coleman as the male seen in the area of Tremont and Herald Streets early morning with Correia.

Media outlet SandraRose, reported witnesses saw Correia entering Coleman’s red Nissan Altima. Such witness accounts led to a nationwide manhunt. Sadly, on February 28, 2019, after Correia had been missing for five days, Correia’s body was found in the trunk of Coleman’s vehicle.

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