Tamar Braxton Attracted To Men Who Only Like White Women, Like Her New Boo

Posted On : February 2, 2019
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Hands down, Tamar Braxton is the best thing to happen to ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. It’s not really up for debate, I mean did anyone ever really watch the show before she made her debut?

Engulfed In Drama

Now we know Tamar has always seemed to be engulfed in drama in one way or another, but since entering the Celebrity Big Brother home the theatrics have amplified. Viewers of the reality show, have witnessed Braxton go from passionately taking a praise break with God alone in her room, to just as passionately feuding with fellow housemates Kandi Burruss, Lolo Jones, Ricky Williams, and Kato Kaelin.

I Wonder What Vincent Herbert Has To Say?

Braxton has been in the headlines for more than just her recent spats with celebrity housemates though. Recently she’s been gushing over her new boo, Nigerian Harvard graduate, T’Challa.

BAE Sleeps In Bed With Her Son?

We know T’Challa is FINE but besides that little is known about him. (We’re gonna call him T’Challa since we don’t know his name!)

It’s a true case of “Harpo who is dis man?” So it was a bit alarming that on the latest episode of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, while discussing with RHOA star, Kandi Burruss the difficulties of maintaining structure as a mother, Braxton revealed she allows her five year old son, Logan (with estranged husband Vincent Herbert), to join both her and T’Challa in bed.  Where they do that at?

Burruss thinking along the same lines asked “Your husband don’t be mad about him sleeping in the bed with another man?” To which Braxton replied “We’re not together! That’s not really his business”….So, Vincent’s son is not Vincent’s business? FOH Tamar.

Braxton further revealed she’s only been dating T’Challa for 6 months (side eye, girl not even a WHOLE year!) Having only been in a relationship with T’Challa for six months, it certainly seems premature for Logan to be in those intimate settings.  What about Logan’s safety? What about the early attachment Logan might experience to possibly only be let down by a breakup?

Preference For White Women?

Wait there’s more! Braxton spilled more tea on her personal life in the same, most recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Laughing, and smiling ear to ear she bragged she’s the prototype for every black men she’s dated. Specifically, in a conversation about dating outside her race with track superstar, Lolo Jones (who is biracial), Braxton revealed that both her new boo, T’Challa, and her old boo, Vincent, have something in common…their preference for white women before having dated Braxton.

Ugh, she just opened up Pandora’s Box with this revelation. It’s clear she takes full responsibility for keeping these brothas on the “Once you go black you can’t go back” path, but missing all the warning signs just the same. From the outside looking in, it seems as if T’Challa and Vince may be the same “type.”

Hopefully, Braxton doesn’t make the same mistake twice.