Tamar Braxton Calls It Quits, Files For Divorce From Vincent Herbert

Posted On : October 25, 2017

After almost nine years of marriage, Tamar Braxton is throwing in the towel. TMZ reported that the singer filed for divorce in L.A. County on Tuesday which comes on the eve of their wedding anniversary next month. It looks like they will be spending that day, and many others ahead, apart.

The couple met in 2003 when big sis Toni Braxton introduced them. Vincent Herbert was a successful manager and music producer who had worked with Toni and was pivotal in launching Lady Gaga’s career. Tamar and Vince wed in 2008.

Much of their personal and professional drama played out on reality televisions Braxton Family Values and their own Tamar & Vince. As fans, we watched them work through the resurrection of Tamar’s career, the ups and downs of married life, struggling to conceive 4-year-old Logan Vincent, extreme health challenges, and balancing work, family, and their personal relationship.

But rumors began circulating that there was trouble brewing in the Herbert household last August. While staying in an Atlanta hotel, the couple reportedly got into an altercation where Vince allegedly bit Tamar’s hand. The 911 call made on their behalf went viral, but the couple assured everyone that they were fine.

Mounting financial woes put an undue strain on their relationship. There were reports of Vince’s IRS debts among other issues. Most recently, Vince lost a court battle over an advance owed to Sony Records, the parent company to his label Streamline Records. He must repay over $3.7 million. Shortly after the announcement, the couple put their Calabasas mansion up for sale asking $15 million. Variety reported that they originally paid $10.5 million for the 13,716 square foot mansion in April 2013. Tamar is said to have moved out of the home.

Tamar is forging ahead with her career with the recent release of her latest album Bluebird of Happiness. She is going on tour with the reunited ladies of Xscape and singer Monica. Tamar announced that she would go on a musical hiatus after promoting the project to focus on her marriage and other ventures like her upcoming talk show. With this latest announcement, those plans may well be changing.

Ironically, the new season of Tamar & Vince is set to air on WeTV starting on November 9. Some of the fallout from the couple’s split is sure to become part of the story line. Will you be watching?

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!