Terrence Howard Takes “L” In Court Against Ex-Wife, Ordered To Pay $$$

Posted On : October 3, 2017

Terrence Howard and his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent Howard, have been battling it out over spousal support for quite some time. But, now a judge has finally made a decision and it’s not in the Empire star’s favor. According to the Daily Mail, Howard has been ordered to pay his ex-wife spousal support in the amount of $5,800 a month. For Howard, the judgment is definitely an “L” because it comes after he’d actually convinced a judge that he’d previously agreed to pay under duress.

Bullied Or Nah?:

For those who don’t remember, Howard previously claimed that he was actually bullied into paying his estranged ex a sizable monthly payment because he feared she would leak embarrassing information about him. He referenced a previous call between them where he alleged Ghent threatened him into making the payments. A year after that call, which was said to have taken place back in 2011, the couple agreed to a substantial divorce settlement with Howard making payments. Then in 2014, he claimed that he only made approximately $6,000 and could not afford to make the payments. Despite being a high-demand actor starring in not one but two hit FOX series at the time, he claimed most of his income went to his first ex-wife, Lori McMasters, whom he has three children with.

No Such Luck:

But, despite Howard’s claims,  a three-justice panel of the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles ruled unanimously in Ghent’s favor back in June. “Mutual bullying does not describe a relationship in which one party’s will is subsumed by the other’s, and does not warrant setting aside a judgment as a matter of law,” the June ruling said.

So, it looks like Howard will be paying out for quite some time. Ironically, Ghent – who was Howard’s second wife – is the only one he did not have children with. He has three older children from his first marriage, two with Miranda Pak.

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