Thandie Newton Reveals Speaking Out About Sexual Abuse Lost Her Acting Roles

Posted On : April 5, 2019


Thandie Newton’s filmography is every aspiring actor’s dream.

From Crash, to For Colored Girls and The Pursuit of Happyness; Newton has had a wonderful career. 

But despite her extraordinary talent, in the May issue of Marie Claire magazine, the 46-year-old BAFTA winner has revealed she has lost acting roles because she spoke out about sexual abuse. 

Members Of Her Team Told Her To Stay Silent

Marie Claire

“I was very aware of the climate of sexual abuse that was going on around me, so I became the person you didn’t want to hire because I would call it out,” Newton said. “In retrospect, I can see many instances where not only would I not be employed, but other actors and actresses would not necessarily want to be associated with me.”

Thandie’s team began to tell her to remain silent, even revealing her her own publicist told her to stop speaking out.

“When I parted ways with her, it wasn’t because I thought she was dreadful and wrong, I felt ashamed that I was missing out on a really good publicist because of my behavior,” she explained.

She Has Seen Plenty Of Injustice

Marie Claire

“Probably the worst thing about having your innocence rocked is what stays with you. The sense of worthlessness, shame—these things are very hard to move on from. But you can,” she told Marie Claire.

But if anyone knows about abuse in Hollywood, it’s Thandie Newton. After spending three decades in the entertainment industry, she herself has been a victim of the “casting couch.”

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