TI Considers Staying Married To Tiny, But Under One Condition

Posted On : July 29, 2017

TI and Tiny’s marital drama has been all over social media for months. Every week, their marital status seems different. One day, they’re headed for divorce and the next, it looks like they have a chance at reconciling. Once again, it appears their marriage has a chance of surviving but an insider has revealed T.I. has terms and conditions in order for him to stay in the marriage.

Unreasonable or Nah?:

According to Hollywood Life, an insider close to T.I. and Tiny claims he is willing to stay with Tiny if she is willing to accept having an open marriage. Although he loves Tiny, there’s just one thing he reportedly cannot do – be faithful. “T.I. still loves Tiny, and he says he always will, but he just can’t stay faithful to her. There are so many hot women out there, and they’re always throwing themselves at Tip, and he just can’t resist. If Tiny was down with an open marriage, where they could see other people, or well, if Tip could see other people, then he would not want a divorce.”

Does Tiny Agree?:

Although the arrangement may work for T.I., apparently, it’s something Tiny just isn’t into. The insider went on to explain how Tiny feels. The Xscape singer is definitely an old fashioned girl who is only interested in traditional marriage. There have been rumors about T.I. and Tiny’s rumored threesomes, she’s just not into the idea of an open marriage.

“But that is not Tiny’s scene. If she is married to someone, then she expects them not to run around on her. Faithfulness has always been an issue between them. Tip just doesn’t believe in monogamy. As far as he is concerned, sleeping around doesn’t mean that he loves Tiny any the less, it is just sex, whereas his feelings towards her are so much deeper.”

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Will They Survive?:

Last week, the two went on vacation together in the Bahamas for Tiny’s birthday, and the social media photos showed that they had a very good time. However, when they got back home, things were unfortunately back to normal. The daunting reality now has Tiny wondering if they have any chance of saving their marriage.

The insider continued, “After their incredible connection in paradise, Tiny thought for sure things would change once they got home but she is sorely mistaken. T.I. has not called off the divorce, he has not asked to move back in, and they are still a broken family which has her crushed. After all his sweet birthday messages and the romantic getaway they shared, Tiny can’t help but lose all hope of ever saving her marriage.”

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At this point, it is unclear whether or not T.I. and Tiny will survive the pitfalls they’re facing. Hopefully, everything works out since they’ve been together for so long.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!