Sad…Woman And Her 4 Year-Old Daughter Were Found Dead Outside Of Their Home

Posted On : January 10, 2018


Police officers believed Kristofer Garrett (right) murdered his daughter, Christina Duckson, and her mother, Nicole Duckson.

When Nicole Duckson didn’t pick her friend, Lakeshia, up for work, her friend became worried about her. Nicole was reportedly very responsible and it was not like her to skip out on work without calling. So, her friend decided to check on her and she was horrified by what she discovered.

Mother And Daughter Found Dead:

On Friday morning, in Columbus, Ohio, Lakeshia, a friend of  34 year-old Nicole Duckson,  was worried when she failed to pick her up for work. Lakeshia told police officers that Nicole was like a sister to her. When her car broke down in 2016, Nicole Duckson went out of her way to pick up Lakeshia for work every morning. When she didn’t show up, Lakeshia knew something was wrong. Lakeshia tried calling Nicole Duckson and she didn’t get the phone.  So, Lakeshia decided to go to her home. When she arrived to Duckson’s home, she found Nicole Duckson and her 4 year-old daughter, Christina Duckson, dead behind their home.

Nicole Duckson and Christina Duckson

Nicole Duckson and her 4 year-old daughter, Christina Duckson, were found dead outside of their home with multiple stab wounds. At the time their bodies were discovered, police had no one in custody. However, they believed that the victims knew their attacker.

I can tell you typically these types of crimes are kind of up close and personal, said Sgt. Dave Sicilian to NBC . We would definitely like to speak to anyone that has any information or any insights as to our victims and maybe what kind of issues they might have been having with someone or any kind of problems they could have been encountering with any other person

Neighbor, Shanita Miller, lives across the street from the Ducksons. She shared how Nicole was a very kind neighbor.

They sometimes sit outside. They wave. They barbecue. They’ll say, ‘You want a sandwich?’ or something like that, but that’s about it, she said to NBC. This is just terrible. It’s terrible. I’ve never seen anything like this happen before.

Kristofer Garrett

On the day of the murders, Columbus police officers arrested 24 year-old Kristofer Garrett. Garrett was arrested Friday night during a routine traffic stop. He was initially taken into custody for driving for a suspended license and failure to pay child support. However, he was later charged with 2 counts of murder for Nicole Duckson and his daughter, Christina Duckson. Nicole and Kristofer were once in a relationship.

While officers do not have a motive, they believe that Garrett waited for Nicole and their daughter, Christina, to leave the home. Once outside, he allegedly stabbed them multiple times. According to WCBE, officers noticed cuts on Garrett’s hand and he revealed that he cut himself at Duckson’s home. He apparently cut himself at the crime scene and left a trail of blood. Garrett is currently in jail being held without bond in Ohio on two counts of murder.