Man Loved The Mother Of His Kids So Much, That He Killed Her In Most Horrifying Way

Posted On : June 6, 2017
Rosetta ” Rosie” Ewellwas gunned down by her ex-boyfriend in front of their child.

Rosetta ” Rosie”  Ewell, 30, was fatally gunned down by her ex-boyfriend, Eugene Miller, who allegedly often told her that if he couldn’t have her no one could.

Loved To Death:

Rosetta Ewell from Bronx, New York, was allegedly trying to free herself from a relationship she had with her children’s father, Eugene Miller, 32. Miller was reportedly abusive and Ewell was ready to be done with him. According to the NY Daily News, Police have a record of 17 domestic incident reports involving Miller and five women. Despite every attempt to be done with Miller, he reportedly was obsessed with her.

According to The Grio, Miller would constantly follow Ewell even going so far as showing up to places where he was uninvited. Miller allegedly was so obsessed with Ewell that he even showed up to her birthday party where he was not allowed. Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sigall, Miller was consumed with letting his ex-girlfriend know that he was in control of saying when their relationship was over.

He would show her over and over again who was in control and who would be the one to decide whether their relationship was over, Sigall said, adding, When the defendant said to Rosie if I can’t have you, no one can, he meant it.

Tragically, Miller stalked the mother of 2 of his children, Rosetta ” Rosie”  Ewell  for the last time.

Eugene Miller reportedly constantly stalked his ex-girlfriend, Rosetta Ewell, threatened to kill her before shooting her in the head just steps from their 2-year-old’s day care center.

On on July 24th of 2015, Ewell was dropping her daughter, one of her three kids, off at a daycare center in a Harlem, New York building on the 10th floor. The jilted gang member followed Ewell in an attempt to get her back. Despite the fact that they had been broken up for a decade, Eugene was still stalking Rosie. Just before the gunshots, witnesses overheard a woman yelling out, ” I don’t want to do this anymore”.

As she screamed, Miller allegedly shot Ewell 3 times in the face in front of their own child.

Miller was seen on the video leaving the day care center, and the owner said that Miller was loitering there, though he did not drop off the child. After fatally wounding Ewell, Miller fled the scene and hid out until October when cops finally caught up with him. The deranged lover has been charged with murder in the second degree in Ewell’s gruesome death. Miller, of the Bronx, faces up to life in prison if convicted.

Ewell was ‘basically ambushed’ by Miller, a Bloods gang member with a long history of arrests, according to a police source. 


Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!