Trouble In Paradise Already? Cardi B. Hints At Marital Problems w/ Offset

Posted On : July 6, 2018

Last week, Cardi B. shocked fans when she revealed she and Offset officially tied the knot months ago. But in just a matter of days, the “I Like It” rapper has fans wondering if things are already goin’ downhill. While Cardi B. should be celebrating the success of her latest platinum record, it looks like something – or namely someone – is raining on her parade. According to Madame Noire, Cardi turned fans’ heads with a few now-deleted messages she posted to her story on Instagram. Based on the colorful remarks she made, there’s no doubt her frustration is directed toward her hubby Offset.

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Don’t Hurt Yourself:

A couple of days ago, Cardi took to Instagram with a series of subliminal posts. While it was obvious the messages were about Offset, it is still unclear what set Cardi off. She blasted the rapper writing, “I told you you wasn’t [married] to no average b—h” and  “It’s all fun and games until I give birth.” Shortly after Cardi posted the messages, they mysteriously disappeared but no before screenshots were snapped.

Check out the screenshots below:

Doomed Love?:

The latest news follows fans’ reaction to Cardi B. announcing her marriage to the Migos rapper. While many congratulated Cardi and Offset, others realized that Cardi had actually made the decision to tie the knot while Offset was in the middle of a massive cheating scandal. Many fans immediately flooded Cardi’s announcement to remind her of Offset’s track record. Based on the wedding timeline, Offset wasn’t even married a month before he cheated on Cardi B. To many fans, that’s a telling sign that the famed rapper will never change. In a nutshell, lots of fans believe Cardi’s marriage was doomed before they even tied the knot. “There’s a motto. You can’t turn a h** into a housewife. That works both ways. When a man shows you who he is believe him,” one fan wrote.

To make matters worse, Cardi has repeatedly attempted to justify Offset’s actions and even compared her man to Martin Luther King and Jay. As expected, fans dragged her to hell for even thinking that there was some type of comparison.

The comments and tweets have been brutal but surprisingly, there have been comments from people with many different perspectives. One woman wrote, “To justify staying with a cheater by pointing out other women who’ve done the same thing is ridiculous, but her point is women stay with cheaters all the time, why pick on her? To be frank, she really shouldn’t have even wanted a man with that much baggage, but I see women, especially young ones, choose these type of men all the time.” Fans also broke down the cheating scandal explaining how Cardi could be setting herself up for a major setback with Offset. “This n*gga screws around with no condoms and is a serial baby maker. I have no idea how any woman finds him appealing,” the person added, “Sad and disgusting.”

Another woman flipped the script pointing out how men would never put up with such mistreatment. “Women tolerate with so much disrespect that most men would never put up with. He’ll be out the door and calling her all kinds of names as he’s on to the next…”

Despite the criticism and Cardi’s complaints, it doesn’t look like she’s goin’ anywhere. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper is set to give birth sometime this month so she’ll likely be in it for the long haul with Offset. Hopefully, things get better for the couple.