Trump Made Woman Have To ESCAPE Boyfriend

Posted On : December 2, 2016

This woman experienced the worst in her boyfriend as Trump’s campaign grew more successful. It got to a point where she had to, literally, escape him.

— Providence, Rhode Island

It’s obvious we’re all living in a racist-impacted society.

However, there was a time when they, at the very least, had sense enough to keep it suppressed.

Keep in mind, Donald Trump didn’t make these people racist.

Yet, he certainly cleared the way for them to express racism openly.

Unfortunately, Madison Amelia is a Black woman who found herself in an unfavorable interracial relationship.

“Don’t be a dumb n***er!”

In July, Madison got into an argument with her boyfriend-at-the-time, Chris.

The topic was Donald Trump. While she and her now-ex-boyfriend are Republicans, Madison said that didn’t matter to her.

Regardless of her party affiliation, she wasn’t voting for Donald Trump.

Chris wasn’t feeling it and expressed exactly what he felt towards her, unfiltered.

What Chris didn’t know was that Madison secretly recorded his reaction. Madison says she wasn’t recording him in a vengeful way or anything.

She simply wanted people to see how Donald Trump has opened a gateway which needs to be closed.

Madison’s Escape

She didn’t release the video in July. Rather, she waited until Election Day to post the video to Facebook. However, it went super viral.

Yet, according to Madison, Chris was a dangerous person anyway. She had been with him for three years, prior to her escape.

And during those three years, she was mentally and physically abused by Chris time and again. Some news media syndicates left that information out of their reports.

Beyond Black & White reports Chris is a “diagnosed narcissist, a borderline personality disorder on the spectrum of sociopathy.”

So, imagine his self-perception of importance now encountering a vast amount of opposition due to his July rant — known as the “ranting racist.”

Yeah, Madison needed to get out of town.

If you’re interested in her exclusive interview with the medium, you can watch the video below.

Madison’s Hate Mail From “Pro-Blacks”

Unfortunately, while this woman has felt the sharp sting of racism — especially so close to her heart — it seems that she’s also felt it from a portion of the Black community.

Since she was in an interracial relationship, many have shunned her.

Recently, she took to Facebook regarding the issue.

“Since when does ‘pro black’ mean ‘anti white’?”

Her full post reads below.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with interracial relationships. If anything, it brings about a better understanding, when both parties are genuine.

Apparently, Chris wasn’t genuine with Madison until he started his Trump rhetoric. Maybe the abuse she suffered all those years was more deep-seeded than she realized.

So, she needed to leave it all behind.

How Far Behind Though

According to Buzzfeed, she had to drive “18,000 miles” to her parent’s house in order to get far enough away to feel safe.

That’s interesting because, from coast to coast, the United States is only 3,200 miles.

Even if she were to drive from Rhode Island to Alaska, it would still only approximate to 4,500 miles.

So, where the hell did she go? According to Beyond Black & White, Madison is biracial — having a Black father and Portuguese mother.

Did she drive to furthermost region of Brazil? Given that her mother is Portuguese, that’d be the only logical distance, if Buzzfeed is correct.

As it turns out, the news medium wasn’t correct.

Buzzfeed got Madison Amelia's information wrong

When Love Was Real reached out to Madison for clarification on that particular info bite. Madison says she only drove 1,800. That makes better sense, right?

Funny how one zero can make or break logic, altogether. Smh. #ProofreadAlways.

In addition, it seems Madison has a new boyfriend now.

However, she has decided to keep his name a secret.

Personally, I think that’s a smart move in any relationship where you don’t want drama. People are so conniving these days. Less identifying information, less chance of drama.

It’s good to see her moving on, right?

Overall, what are your thoughts regarding Madison Amelia’s experience with racism — even within her own relationship? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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