Twerking Texas Bride Stuns Guests With Unforgettable Wedding Reception Entrance

Posted On : September 12, 2018

It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life.

For Stephanie Payne, marrying her fiancé in front of family and friends, was everything she dreamt about and more. The bride walked down the aisle in a stunning flowery gold gown.

But after the couple said their “I do’s,” Stephanie let down her elaborate up do and put on a red Mardi Gras mask.

She then twerked her way into the reception and onto our social media feeds.

“I Wanted Everyone Be Happy”

Payne made her way into the wedding reception in black booty shorts, a matching crop top and a red Mardi Gras mask.

She astounded her guests by doing a front flip in knee-high stiletto boots. The new bride landed into a perfect split as the Houston wedding party went wild. 

Payne said she came up with the twerking masterclass because she wanted her guests and husband to “enjoy a good show.”

“I remember all the lights flashing from everybody’s cameras, everybody awing and and everybody oohing,” she told KTRK. “And just the moment I see my husband there. I wanted to wow him and I wanted everybody to be happy.”

Payne said her husband, Justin Payne, who she dated for eight years, was completely taken by surprise with the routine.

“He was in awe too,” she said. “He got into it too.”  

She Has Been The Victim Of Trolling

Social media is of course mixed about the twerking bride – with some calling her entrance “distasteful.”

But Stephanie has defended her moves. “Why would I want to be like someone else?” she said. “Where is the action? Where is the happiness? Where is the party at? Where is the celebration?”

“It doesn’t have to be mellow. Everything doesn’t have to be so mediocre and to keep doing the same thing as tradition. Let’s have a real good party!”