Twin Sisters Celebrate Their 90th Birthday As They Dance Together In Viral Video

Posted On : August 3, 2018

How wonderful must it be to have a twin sister? A partner in crime, a confidant and a best friend for life.

Versibe Williams and Vertibe Atherton have spent 90 years being BFF’s. The inseparable twin sisters celebrated their incredible milestone at a retirement home where Vertibe’s daughter resides.

The adorable pair were seen smiling in matching 90th birthday hats.

After being treated to a white birthday cake adorned with red icing and roses, the sisters danced to Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday.

They Have An Unbreakable Bond

The sisters sweet celebration was filmed by Versibe’s youngest daughter, Michelle Wright Folarin.

It has since gone viral with over 1.8 million views on Facebook. Social media users have taken the sisters into their hearts calling their bond ‘beautiful.’ 

‘They dance better than I do — sometimes I can’t keep up,’ Michelle, 52, told Yahoo Lifestyle. ‘They love being around people, and they’re healthy and active.’

Versibe and Vertibe have always shared their lives together and are as close as sisters can be.

Both had a shared passion for helping others and trained as nurses before retiring. Versibe and Vertibe love to sing and belonged to the St. Louis Gospel Choral Union for 25 years.

They Never Argue

These days Vertibe is happily married with a husband of sixty years. Versibe is single and lives with her daughter Michelle. Versibe often goes on vacations with her sister and her husband. ‘They are a package deal — we call them the “Three Musketeers,”‘ Michelle laughs. 

Despite living in close to one another for nine decades, Vertibe and Versibe hardly ever argue. ‘They say what they have to say and just keep it moving,’ Michelle says.