Two Years From Being Out Of Prison, Woman Confesses To Killing Her Boyfriend

Posted On : May 15, 2018

When Pontiac man, William Bell began dating Marita Talley, his family was skeptical.  Two years ago Bell met Talley and fell in love. She was struggling and homeless. However, Bell saw past her flaws and decided to give her a chance despite his family’s warnings. Tragically, if Bell would have listened to his family, he may still be alive today. Bell was found dead in his home and his ex-girlfriend reportedly confessed to the crime.

Pontiac Man’s Girlfriend Admits To Killing Him After He Took Her In:

William Bell met Marita Talley two years ago. She was homeless and down on her luck. Bell saw something in Talley and he decided to give her a chance. At the time of their meeting, Talley had been out of prison for only 2 months. Talley’s criminal history includes assault with a dangerous weapon, larceny in a building and assaulting a prison employee. She served time in prison and was discharged from parole in 2016. Bell’s mother informed reporters that she found documents that were used by Talley with different names and birth dates. Shockingly, Bell’s mother then learned of her violent past online.

Bell’s family was suspicious of Talley as they told Fox 2 Reporters that she was homeless with a Cadillac. It was something about Talley that didn’t sit right with Bell’s family but Bell fell in love with Talley. He believed that everyone deserved a second chance.

When I met her I got the vibe the devil was all up on her, Bell’s aunt said to Fox 2. She was evil.

Bell was a successful, professional photographer and he was doing well for himself. It’s unclear what Talley did for a leaving but she didn’t carry herself like a woman that was poor. Bell’s father spoke with reporters and shared that Talley had several wigs and that she donned designer duds.

Purses, very expensive boots, leather coats, wigs, Bell’s father said. She had about 50 wigs.

Finally, after living and dating for two years, Bell decided to part ways with Talley but it wasn’t because his family disapproved.

After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend, A Man Was Killed A Week Later:

A week before his death, Bell had broke up with Talley. While family members didn’t reveal the reason for their break up, rumors have indicated that Talley was cheating on Bell. Family members thought that Talley was handling the breakup well. They believed that both Bell and Talley would go their separate ways.

We were all sitting at the table and she said this is the last time I am going to see you guys, Bell’s father said. She gave us a hug and everything.

Bell’s father had no idea that he would be hugging the woman responsible for ending his son’s life. A week after the breakup, the Bell family would learn the devastating truth.

They said your son – your oldest son, is dead, Bell’s father said.

Tragically, police discovered a semi-automatic handgun lying on the couch next to Bell’s body. After allegedly murdering her ex-boyfriend, Talley phoned the police and waited for them to arrive.

The weapon that was used my nephew never had it loaded, Bell’s aunt said. Bell’s family says more than 15 rounds had been fired. For the Bell family, they don’t understand why Talley couldn’t have just left. There was no cause for violence.

I want her in prison, Bell’s aunt said. For as long as my nephew is resting in peace.

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