(Video) 27 Year-Old Man Shot And Killed His 16-Year-Old Girlfriend Because He Was Afraid Of This……

Posted On : December 7, 2017
Dominique Pittman, 27, says he shot his 16-year-old girlfriend Evalyce Santiago

On  Monday night, police officers in Waterbury, Connecticut found a silver Nissan crashed into utility poles. Inside of the vehicle, officers discovered the body of 16 year-old,  Evalyce Santiago. At the scene of the crime, police officers discovered that a man that was driving the car. That man was Dominique Pittman, 27, and he told police that he was Santiago’s uncle. However, they quickly learned that Pittman was much more than her uncle.

A Horrible Secret:

According to WFSB, police officers responded to a car accident and they discovered the body of 16 year-old, Evalyce Santiago. Upon investigation of the vehicle, police officers discovered that Santiago had been shot 3 times,  the head and hand. Officers are still trying to determine if Santiago died from the gun shots or from the car crash. Also, at the scene was Santiago’s uncle,  Dominique Pittman. Pittman was reportedly visibly shaken and reportedly bruised from the accident. Pittman told officers that he was Santiago’s uncle as he is married to her aunt who is also her adoptive sister. Pittman and his wife have three kids together and the rest of the family was unaware about a horrible secret that he and Santiago were allegedly hiding. It appears that they were in a sexual relationship.

Evalyce Santiago was allegedly in a sexual relationship with her uncle, Evalyce Santiago

Apparently, on Monday night, Santiago and Pittman were driving in the car and they had an argument. While in the car, Santiago allegedly threatened to expose their relationship to Pittman’s wife and the rest of the family. At one point, Pittman claims that the fight escalated, with Santiago allegedly reaching into the center console to grab a handgun he had stored inside. He says the two began to fight over the gun, and eventually he shot Santiago three times – twice in the head and once in the hand. Police charged Pittman with murder and various weapons violations. He is being held on a $1 million and will be in Waterbury Superior Court on Wednesday. The family of Santiago are outraged and they want the truth.

He was my son in law. I just want the truth, Francisco Rivera, who is the grandfather of Evalyce said. He was dating my daughter and he has three kids with my other daughter. Nobody knows nothing until something happens. That’s when we all realize the tragedy. It was under our noses and we didn’t see it,’ he added to NBC Connecticut.

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