[VIDEO] Amazing! U.S. Soldier Takes 10 Flights In 2 Days To Be At Wife’s Side For The Birth Of Their Daughter

Posted On : January 8, 2018

U.S. Army combat engineer Francois Clerfe was stationed all the way in Iraq around the time his daughter was to be born. But being thousands of miles away from home couldn’t stop him from being there with his wife when she gave birth. Clerfe is making headlines for his amazing two-day trek across the world to make it back to the United States.

1,000 Miles Of Flying Time:

According to Fox News, Francois Clerfe was determined to make it back to California in time and he managed to do just that. However, it was no easy feat because it required10 flights in just two days in order for him to make it back by January 1. During a news interview with WCVB, Clerfe shared details about his journey home and the route he took to make it back. “Kuwait, to Turkey, to Turkey to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Baltimore, Baltimore to Atlanta,” said Francois. After all of the flights and traveling from airport to airport, Francois finally arrived at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, in Monterey, California to meet his baby girl.

Of course, most people would think such a long trek would lead to serious exhaustion and jet lag. But for Francois, it was actually a bit exciting. “It was fun and exciting at the same time, you know the thrill of thinking the ‘what-ifs,’” he quipped about the journey.

An Early Arrival:

Initially, baby Julia was set to arrive on January 9, but she decided to make her grand entrance a few days earlier. It has been reported that little Julia was born at 9:53 a.m on January 1 – the day her father also arrived home. So, how does he feel? Well, he’s just glad Julia waited long enough for him to witness the memorable moment. “I’m glad baby Julia waited for me,” he said. Despite him being thousands of miles away, his wife admitted she wasn’t worried at all because she knew he’d make it back. You know I had the feeling that he would make it because he really wanted to be here, next to us,” she said. 

Needless to say, both Francois and Natalia are thrilled about the new chapter they’re embarking on. “You can’t explain, but inside of you is just jumping for joy,” he said. “That moment, having a first kid into the world [on] the very first day of the New Year, I think that it’s going to be a very good year,” he said. Congratulations to the Clerfe family!

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