(Video) For Their Anniversary, DeVon Franklin Helped Meagan Good Face Her Biggest Fear

Posted On : June 17, 2017
Devon Franklin and Megan Good

For their 5th wedding anniversary, Devon Franklin helped his wife, actress Megan Good, face her fears.

5 Years And A Lifetime To Go:

It’s hard not to find Devon Franklin and Megan Good adorable. Aside from the fact that physically they make a good couple, but internally they really make a good couple. Before being married to Megan Good, we really had no idea who Devon Franklin was. Now, he is often seen publicly dropping pearls of wisdom on how to make marriage work and even helping to shape men into becoming better husbands. On the flip side, because Megan is married to Franklin, who coincidentally is a Seventh-day Adventist minister, he’s helped to reform her image without shaming or degrading her past. Now, if you try to shade his wife, Franklin will forget that he’s a man of God and put you in your place. He’s fiercely protective of her which is how a husband should be.

Megan Good and Devon Franklin recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.

Recently, the couple celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary with the hash tag ” 5 years and a lifetime to go”. It was no surprise that the couple took to Instagram to share their anniversary highlights. Franklin and Good are often sharing the importance of communication in a marriage. Their willingness to be so open is refreshing as many Hollywood couples shy away from the public where Devon and Megan welcome it. They are constantly sharing what marriage has taught them about love and each other. To celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on Friday, the couple took their love to all new heights by starting the day conquering one of the actress’ phobias.

It may come as a surprise to you but Megan Good has a fear of heights. However, for their 5th wedding anniversary, Megan faced her fears as she took a hot air balloon ride with her husband by her side. In a video posted on Instagram, both Meagan and DeVon shared their experience with the world to see. Telling all of her followers that it was happening, Megan looked excited about her ride but still a little scared. From the balloon, Franklin was seen in the video stating, ” New Year, New Adventure. We gotta take it higher”.

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Megan Good didn’t know what to expect on her wedding anniversary but we’re pretty sure she didn’t expect this. Franklin actually surprised Megan stating that 5 years ago he shared with her that they would experience life on another level. After revealing to Megan that they would begin the day with a hot air balloon ride, Franklin revealed that she was terrified. However, her husband encouraged her to face her fears and feel free. Trusting her husband, Megan embraced the moment and shared that the hot air balloon ride was “beautiful and once in a lifetime”. Franklin shared their experience not to just inform people of their plans, but he shared their experience to encourage others to face their fears as well.

How could you not love them?

See More Of Megan and Devon’s Hot Air Balloon Ride Below:

So in love, congrats Megan and Devon!


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Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!