(Video) Awkward: Former Neo Nazi Declares Love For His Black Wife

Posted On : January 5, 2018

We’ve seen many odd stories throughout our day, but sometimes there’s one that comes along and makes us go ‘Say what now?!!’ That would be the case for the very unique couple you’re about to bare witness to today.

Reformed Neo Nazi, Keith Schneider, and his wife, Catherine Boone

Keith Schneider and his wife, Catherine Boone, are both Brooklyn, NY natives, who grew up on two very opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to racism and race relations…to say the least. They are now giving a whole new meaning to the saying, ‘Love is blind.’ Not because they’re an interracial couple, but because Keith is a self-proclaimed ‘reformed Neo-Nazi’ who spent a large portion of his life, hating ALL Black people and wishing they’d die, or go back to Africa.

That sets up the lovely seg-way to the binding love Keith and Catherine now share…for each other. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking- the same thing we, here at When Love Was Real, were thinking: What in the Neo-Nazi hell was Katherine thinking when she let this man swoon her like this?!!’ Welp folks, we’re about to find out, because the loving couple sat down with CNN to let the world in on their colorblind-racist-rehabilitated love. Check out the video below and prepare to be amazed:

A former neo-Nazi learns to love a black woman

Keith was a neo-Nazi. Catherine is black and needed a bodyguard. Now they lovingly hold hands and kiss everywhere they go. "There's not a racist bone in his body," Catherine says.

Posted by LoveStory on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

As you can see, Keith has made a complete turn-around from his Neo-Nazi days and Catherine must’ve had a whole helluva lot of patience to sit around waiting on Keith to see the light and recognize her as the that queen she is.

I guess Eve was right when she rapped, “Love is blind and it’ll take over your mind”, because Keith used to love his fellow tiki torch carrying, Hitler saluting, White supremacists brethren. But now, real love has taken over and gotten his mind right.

Wishing continued happy reformed-Neo-Nazi-Black-loving bliss to Catherine and Keith, as they continue their journey through life together. Moral of the story: It’s never too late to change for the better.