(Video) Beautiful Young Woman Is Accused Of Murdering Her New Year’s Eve Date After Things Went Wrong

Posted On : January 4, 2018
Yvonne Ramirez and Josh McKinney

In Baytown, Texas, Yvonne Ramirez went on a New Year’s Eve date with Josh McKinney. Ramirez met McKinney, an aspiring Marine, and they decided to go on a date. However, during their date, something went tragically wrong and McKinney was found dead.

Their Futures Looked Bright:

Yvonne Ramirez and Josh McKinney both appeared to be young adults with bright futures. McKinney was an aspiring Marine and a graduate of the Texas Challenge Academy, a five-and-a-half-month residential military academy operated by the Texas National Guard. One of his former instructors, Regina Willis, described him as an amazing that with a giving heart. McKinney had plans to become a Marine to take care of his mother.

Josh was an amazing young man. He would give all he had to anyone he loved, Willis told The Daily Beast, adding, This death doesn’t seem real…

Ramirez, a mother of a young daughter, seemed to be doing well in life as well. She recently shared to her Facebook page that she was excited about her future. It appears that Ramirez was starting a job soon as well as she had plans to move in a new place and get a new car.

What Went Wrong?

McKinney and Ramirez had recently met and had been spending time together. The couple decided to spend time together on New Year’s Eve.  However, it appears that Ramirez allegedly had plans to rob McKinney of his guns. On their date, the encounter turned violent and there have been conflicting stories. According to ABC, Ramirez demanded $2,000 from McKinney in exchange for his weapons. What happened next is mystery.  A witness claims that they observed McKinney reportedly putting Ramirez in a headlock with a gun to her head. Upon seeing this, the witness called 911 and then ran upon hearing gun fire.

When officers arrived to scene, they found Ramirez had been shot in the shoulder and McKinney was dead in the street.

Yvonne Ramirez is accused of killing Joshua McKinney, a man that she was supposed to have a date with on New Year’s Eve.

Ramirez told investigators 2 different stories as to how Mckinney was shot. She initially told responding deputies that McKinney was shot when the gun dropped and fired, but she later told investigators that she grabbed his gun and fired it in self-defense, KTRK reports. Then, Ramirez told investigators another account of their date on New Year’s Eve. Ramirez, according to charging documents obtained by KHOU, told investigators she was getting high with McKinney when he accused her of stealing his guns. She denied the accusation, leading to a confrontation during which Ramirez said she took a gun that McKinney had tucked in his back and shot him.

Another witness came forward and told police officers that they noticed Ramirez attempting to steal McKinney’s wallet as he was dying in the street. Additionally, investigators later found text messages on Ramirez’s phone describing how she stole McKinney’s weapons, KHOU reports. Police officers do not know if anyone else was involved in Ramirez’s alleged attempt to rob McKinney.

Yvonne Ramirez has been charged with murder in the shooting of Joshua McKinney. Now, Ramirez is being on $50,000 bond and will appear in court on Wednesday.

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