(Video) Couple Whose Wedding Photos Burned In Fire Gifted With Anniversary Shoot Nearly 40 Years Later

Posted On : July 12, 2017
Jennifer and Timothy Bing lost their wedding photos in a fire 38 years ago. Their daughter Ashleigh gifted them a wedding photo shoot for their anniversary.

Married couple, Jennifer and Timothy Bing of Maryland, received an amazing anniversary gift of wedding photos to celebrate their 38th anniversary.

Memories Destroyed:

Jennifer and Timothy Bing were married in July of 1979. Instead of spending money on a photographer, they asked their friends to take photos of them. After friends took photos of them, they took the roll of film to a store for them to be developed. What happened next not only surprised them but crushed them as well. When they went to the store to pick up the photos, they were saddened to find a building of ashes. The store abruptly burnt down and all the couple’s wedding day memories were lost.

It was an exciting time but also a really sad time, Jennifer Bing told InsideEdition.com.

Losing their wedding photos wasn’t the only lost their family endured. Sadly, 2 weeks after the wedding, Jennfier Bing’s father died. Imagine her disappointment in knowing that the photos of her father walking her down the aisle were destroyed.

That meant I would not have one picture of him walking me down the aisle. No pictures, she said. While I was at my highest point, I plummeted in less than a two-week period. It was a dark time for me

Memories Restored:

No love lost, Jennifer and Timothy Bing lost their wedding photos in a fire 38 years ago but are still in love today.

So for the couple’s 38th wedding anniversary their daughter, Ashleigh Bing, who’s been a wedding photographer for six years, surprised her parents with the wedding photo shoot they deserved. Ashleigh took care of everything by providing a makeup artist,  outfits for both of her parents to wear, and even purchased flowers. She finished the look by buying her parents matching Chuck Taylor tennis shoes.

My father is a fan of Chuck Taylor’s, Ashleigh Bing, 30, explained to ABC News. So I figured let’s make this a little fun and get them matching Chuck Taylor’s.

To recreate that special day in 1979, Ashleigh played some of her parent’s favorite songs during the photo shoot. Those songs were also played at their wedding. Her parents were in awe and so appreciative of what their daughter arranged for them. So happy, her mother cried all through the shoot describing the experience as awesome and phenomenal.

One of my favorite parts was that she had made a playlist of all our favorite music, which included the music that played at our wedding, Jennifer Bing recalled. We felt like celebrities.

The moment was special for Jennifer and Timothy Bing, but, Ashleigh said the moment was just as special for her.

They are people who give so much to me, Ashleigh said. They’ll never get that day back, but I tried to recreate it, something new for them just to have. I’m really glad that they have these images, even it took almost 40 years to get them.

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