(Video) Florida Bride Goes Viral For Her Unique Dress And Original Wedding Entrance

Posted On : December 17, 2017
Chinell and Rudy White

Chinell and Rudy White have a beautiful love story. This past weekend, Chinell and Rudy became husband and wife as they had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Progress Village, Florida surrounded by all their family and friends. Because Chinell is the first of 9 children to get married, she wanted her wedding to be special. With over 100,000 views of her wedding video, many people have been talking about Chinell’s entrance as it was definitely non-traditional.

How Chinell Met Rudy:

On a website called jamcroix,  Chinell and Rudy shared how they met. It appears that Chinell moved to Tampa, Florida in 2014. While in Tampa, she met a woman named Ruth who helped her get a job and also taught her the ins and outs of Tampa. Most importantly, Rudy helped Chinell met the man of her dreams.

Chinell met Rudy while she was out enjoying dinner with her friend, Ruth.

Chinell and Rudy met in April of 2015 as they both were coincidentally at the same Jamaican restaurant, Jerk Hut Bar & Restaurant. With reggae music playing in the background, Chinell was having a good time with her girlfriend, Ruth, when Rudy and his friend, Lynden,walked in. Lynden became to engage in a conversation with Chinell and her friend, Ruth, however, Rudy was very quiet. Chinell didn’t know it by Rudy’s quiet demeanor, but he was attracted to her and he wanted to get to know her.

When Chinell stepped away from the table to make a call, Rudy switched seats with his friend in order to sit next to her. Upon arriving to her seat, Chinell noticed that Rudy changed seats and she was pleasantly surprised. Chinell soon found out that Rudy wasn’t that quiet after all and they instantly had a connection. After dancing and great conversation, Rudy and Chinell exchanged numbers. On their first day, both Rudy and Chinell knew that they had found their soul mates.

Chinell and Rudy White met at a Jamaican restaurant in April of 2015. After 2 years of dating, the couple recently got married.

After dating for 2 years, Chinell and Rudy got married on December 9th. The couple shared their wedding video along with wedding photos in an effort to promote love. Their video has been viewed over 118,000 times.

Check Out Their Wedding Video Below:

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